Top 3 Local Artists to Listen to this Month

Top 3 Local Artists to Listen to this Month

By Scott Gilchrist – 8th June 2020

With eased restrictions now allowing live music venues to reopen, the local music scene is bursting with new material. Here’s a selection of local artists to listen to this week:

Scarlet Drive

Newest Song: Not My Problem

After previously releasing “Ceto” and “Sad Robot”, Punk Rock band Scarlet Drive is back on the scene with their hard-hitting new single “Not My Problem”.

Noah Dillon

Newest Song: Matthew McConaughey

Influenced by Julia Jacklin and Paul Dempsey, Singer-songwriter Noah Dillon has released a new single “Matthew McConaughey” which is about changing oneself to better fit a relationship. 


Newest Song: Grandmother’s Shelf

Hailing from Walpole, WA, Maddy and Jess Larkman is dreamy indie-folk twin sister duo Oceanique, and have gone from strength to strength with WA tours, a single release at the end of 2019 and will be part of Richmond Street Records’ Live Stream series “Mega Mixtape”, playing on Night 3, 25th June 2020

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