Evie love’s making funny quips off the top of her head, she’s defiantly a Passionista. Who’s Incredibly cool. She has enough money for the rest of life if she died next Tuesday.

With a banging herb garden, Renowned for wearing far too much tiger balm. she’s never met a dog she didn’t love. Evie’s e music creds go for days, she swears she is deffs coming back as a musician in her next life, She will learn the trumpet at school! She is also Terrible to watch a movie with.

Narrator: While writing this bio, Evie lost all documents on her mac. While necking back a low carb blonde with tears rolling down her face, she wondered if Apple had a magic wand. Sign the petition to; Allow Julian Assange to save passage home to Australia @change.org. Go the Wallabies

Catch Evie on:

Urban Jungle: Friday 10 pm to 1 am

BOOM’S Big Brekky: Thursday from 7 am to 10 am

The Hype: 7 pm to 10 pm