Birds of Tokyo BRACE Tour Review

So last night we found ourselves lined up outside Metro City with about 1000 other people. Having a good chat with them about Birds of Tokyo and everyone being shocked that I was at the concert but hadn’t really listened to their new album Brace! we walked in and the club was playing Bon Jovi classics and everyone was singing along to having a jolly old time when the stage suddenly goes black and everyone starts cheering.20161117_220219.jpg

From start to finish Birds of Tokyo were amazing. There was so much energy coming from them and everyone around me you could feel it. They performed songs from their new album BRACE and it was amazing to hear them take a step back in the hard rock direction and everyone loved it. They chucked in a few of their older songs and the most well-known ones like ‘Lanterns’ and ‘This Fire’ which even made someone who isn’t a hardcore fan feel welcome. After they went off stage after an encore you could feel everyone buzzing about how great it was. It certainly was a night to remember and I’m still pretty sure the Ian Kenny pointed at me at some stage.


CHANCE TO WIN! – A Double Pass to Shanks Pony Tours

We’re giving you the chance to win yourself a double pass for you and a friend to go to a real life ghost tour with Shanks Pony!

Boom Radio is being visited from the great beyond! duo-clipart-halloween_ghosts_duo_2.pngAnd we need your help to identify what past Australian idol is visiting us. We’ve been taking lots of photos and got experiences to share with you on our facebook page every day, each one will be a hint to get closer to finding out who this spirit is!

On Halloween, during the drive show with Dan and Sav, they will give a cue to call us on 94 4 3 22 36. The first person who can guess correctly to identify with what spirit is visiting us the tickets are yours!


We have got down to the final clue. our visitor has stopped by the studio today on Halloween to have a chat. hes a really nice bloke and all he had to say to us when he saw sav and dan in costumes was “CRIKEY”

if you can figure out who he is give us a call NOW on 94432236 and tell us the answer to win!


Today during a meeting we saw in the corner by the room we had a guest visit us during the meeting. we saw our visitor has developed more and grown arms too! We’ve almost figured out who this visitor is! 


Today while sitting in the Boom Office something felt off and nobody could figure out what it was. when it came to home time we were greeted by out boom spirit. but something was different. this time out visitor had legs! We’re on our way to trying to figure out who this mystery visitor is! if you can help keep your eyes peeled here for updates!



Shanon was in the studio when she felt the same cold feeling that Sav described the day before. she turned to see a faint figure next to her and had a chat with our visitor finding out our famous Australian has visited us all the way from Queensland!



Dan and Sav were enjoying their drive show when suddenly Sav felt the temperature drop and strangely the theme song to her favourite child hood TV show!


Boom Radio is a proud Sponsor of Shanks Pony Ghost Tours


(This article will be updated every day with the hint on our facebook page)


Three Wishes

So I heard today they are remaking “Aladdin” as a live action film, it got me thinking what would I have wished for if I had found a genie?


First off I would have hoped that it was more of a genie-like in “I Dream Of Jeannie” but hey I am a big fan of Blondes and the bottle.


So in the 1992 Disney classic Aladdin makes these wishes:
1. Make me a Prince
2. To be saved from drowning
3. To free the Genie

Now I have never been one for riches and wealth, I’m more a content with the lot you got kind of guy, so I don’t want to be a Prince.

Saved from drowning… Now this is a bit of a situational wish from Aladdin but here is something you might not know about me. I cannot swim to save myself, I can’t even float, put me in a pool with some floaties and it is still touch and go if I will sink to the bottom or not. The no drowning thing isn’t a bad one in my books…

Freeing Genie, a total act of selflessness on Aladdin’s behalf, makes you question yourself would you be a total legend like Aladdin or not? After all, Aladdin got the girl and beat the bad guy and didn’t need any more wishes. Was it selflessness or lack of imagination?


Ok, so I have been sitting here in front of my computer trying to think of what I would wish for. The problem is I can’t think of anything I want. Over time something comes into my mind, I question it, disregard it and move on.

World peace? We saw how well that went for them in The Simpsons

Riches? Like I said before not what I am into, my mother taught me never to lend a friend money because it never works out for anyone, I feel like with riches you would have a lot of friends that needed “help.”


Super strength? X-ray vision? Super speed? Flying? Who has time to be a hero? I gotta make dinner tonight.


So I am left stumped and without any wishes. I’d probably just ask Jeannie if she wanted to go for a drink with me…

What do you think, what would you wish for?

Let us know in the comments below.


Outraged in Leederville.

A longtime reader sent me an email the other day, to say they we upset would have been an understatement.

Here is the email i received:

“Dear Jake.

I thought I would bring to your attention an act of injustice, something that made me red in the face, something that made me so distressed I literally threw up!

I know little dramatic, but this is something I want the whole of Perth to know.

The Royal Show has always seen an increase in ticket prices and ride prices year after year and this i understand.

But I will not sit idol and watch as the cost of the Bertie Beetle bag doubles!

They keep these out of our reach during the year and the only time you can get these delicious treats is during the show.

Jake I must know what is our next step to see the perpetrators of this crime against the citizens of Perth brought to justice?

Outraged in Leederville”

Well Outraged,

Firstly thank you for your email and thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I, like you agree that Bertie is a crowd favourite and is hidden better than Jimmy Hoffa’s body during the rest of the year.

Here is the thing though, you and I both knew this would happen, sure we both hoped we would be long since passed through the veil by then but time moves much quicker these days and here we are at the day we (and I am sure more) dreaded.

You can’t fear change you must embrace it.

So for the time being we will have to deal with the $4 price tag.

I guess $5 is the new $2, head to the bank and ask for one of those flash new ones and grab a Bertie bag and remember the good times.

– Jake










Internal is SAFIA’s first full-length album which is out now! the album will feature previous single  ‘Over You’, alongside previous singles ‘Make Them Wheels Roll’ and ‘Embracing Me’.

Written and self-produced by SAFIA in their native Canberra and in London,Internal was then by in-demand mixer Eric J Dubowsky, whose worked his magic on LPs from Flume, Flight Facilities, and Chet Faker.

Starting later this month SAFIA is going on tour around Australia and they’ve said to expect much more new stuff during the shows. Joining SAFIA will be breakout producer Running Touch and Sydney house duo Set Mo. If you’re looking forward to the band here’s where you can catch them!

Friday 23 September – UC Refectory, Canberra (all ages)

Sunday 2 October (long weekend) – Enmore Theatre, Sydney (all ages)

Friday 7 October – The Tivoli, Brisbane (18+)

Saturday 8 October – The Nightquarter, Gold Coast (18+)

Friday 14 October – Odeon Theatre, Hobart (all ages)

Saturday 15 October – Festival Hall, Melbourne (all ages)

Saturday 22 October – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (all ages)

Friday 21 October – Metro City, Perth (18+)

Get your tickets now on Ticketmaster!



Hey Boom-ers!?

Sorry for the delay in post, it has been pretty hectic lately around the station, but The Big Boom Barbecue is only a couple of days away! We’ve spent the day planning out how everything is going to run on the day which has proved to be quiet a challenge. Christina, Naomi and Chen are our on-air team on the day and will be crossing to the street team to have a chat and keep you up to date (if you’re not there). Make sure you follow our hashtags #BOOMSBIGBARBEQUE and #BOOMRADIO and keep an eye on our Facebook page we’re going to be live streaming!