‘Grinners’ set to kick off Chemical Hearts tour

Grinspoon-second.jpgIt’s been 17 years since Aussie Rock legends Grinspoon released their third studio album ‘New Detention’. Consisting of tracks such as ‘Killswitch’, ‘No reason’ and of course the iconic title-track of the tour, ‘Chemical Heart’,

Ahead of the tour, Blayne and Evie caught up with guitarist Pat Davern on Boom’s Thursday Breakfast.

“We’ve had the opportunity with this tour to look at our entire catalogue, last time we were in Perth we we’re on the ‘Guide to Better Living’ tour as it was the 20th anniversary of that record, this time we get to look at our whole career as a bit of a retrospective,” Davern said.

After initially meeting in a local Lismore pub in 1995, Grinspoon were unearthed with their track ‘Sickfest’ off their debut EP labelled the ‘Green Album’ followed by their second EP and their first full-length studio album ‘Guide to Better Living’.

Davern describes the period as some of the strangest and exciting times of his life.

“They were pretty heavy days, coming out of Lismore in 1995 and we’d been unearthed by a radio station obviously, we spent a lot of time on the road our second EP got picked up by universal records,”

“Getting into the studio to record our first full-length record was something we weren’t sure would ever happen, It was strange that we were doing it, but exciting because it was all unchartered territory,” he said.

Grinspoon became stalwarts of Australian festival line-ups such as The big day out, Homebake and Splendour in the grass, Davern looked back fondly on his festival days and was optimistic about the current music and festival scene.

“(Festivals) are such a great way for people to see live music, the best thing about festivals is you get to put all your going out for the year into one day”

“It was obviously a shame with the demise of the Big Day Out, hopefully something else will spring up to take its place, there was something really special about it.”

Grinspoon’s Chemical Hearts Tour 2019 kicks off tomorrow night at Metropolis Fremantle, before hitting up Metro City on Saturday and heading back east for shows in Victoria, ACT, NSW, SA and wrapping it up in Brisbane on November 9.

For more info check out http://www.grinspoon.com.au



On July 30th seemingly out of nowhere Maynard James Keenan (vocalist for TOOL, pusifer and a perfect circle) appeared on the Joe Rogan experience podcast (episode #1326 if you want to watch it) for a chat, and told us that TOOL’s album catalogue (apart from Salival – a live cd/DVD) would FINALLY be joining the 21st century by going digital and be available on all major streaming services from August 2nd from their first ep release Opiate to the last album 10,000 days.

Then, very casually the magical words that tool fans have been waiting for fell out of Maynard James Keenan’s mouth while on Rogan’s podcast he stated that TOOL’s new album would be called ‘FEAR INOCULUM’ and will release on August 30th.

Now if you ask me, I would say this is a seriously genius marketing idea for TOOL to expose themselves to a whole new generation of people that stream music exclusively on devices and if you don’t know much about TOOL and how the band operates well, what’s the point in reading this? stop what you’re doing and educate yourself in the ways of the experimental prog-metal band.

Anyways, after the 2006 release of 10,000 Days, it didn’t take fans long to start to talk about the next TOOL album. Long story short (if you want the long story, google it.) 13 years have passed with little to no information on if TOOL will release another album, to the point where waiting for a new tool album became a longstanding joke/internet meme for the fans.

Then, very casually the magical words that TOOL fans have been waiting for fell out of Maynard James Keenan’s mouth while on Rogan’s podcast he stated that TOOL’s new album would be called ‘FEAR INOCULUM’ and will release on August 30th. So, we have 5 huge albums to stream for the month leading up to the release of FEAR INOCULUM. Die-hard TOOL fans are eagerly waiting for the release date to consume the much-anticipated new album.

FEAR INOCULUM is due to drop on August 30th.


LEGO making new F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Sure, Christmas is still four months away, but if you have a particular appreciation for 90s sitcoms, we know exactly what will top your list this year… The iconic Central Perk set from Friends is now more legendary than ever with its very own Lego set! Could we be any more excited?


That’s right, you can build the very café featured in all those classic episodes – from Phoebe’s performance area to that unforgettable orange couch and Gunther’s counter. The set features tonnes of famous prop replicas including Joey’s manbag and Ross’s keyboard. You’ll even find a few obscure in-jokes for the megafans (is that an Ichiban poster on the café wall?).


If you haven’t already raced to the Lego website, there’s more… the set would feel pretty empty without Lego versions of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Gunther, and Princess Conseula Banana Hammock (or, y’know, Phoebe if you want to be boring). All it’s missing is Jack Geller, Janet and Marcel. Maybe next time!


The set features 1070 pieces, and it’s available from September 1 for $89.99. That’s quite a steal after last year’s $650 Hogwarts castle! Even better, just add it to your list for Santa… or maybe, in this case, the Holiday Armadillo.


Noble by name Noble by nature

Run late to a Ross Noble show at your own risk. No matter whether you try boldly strutting through as if nothing was happening or attempting some weird hunched over jog – the man will notice. More than that, he’ll riff on your behaviour for a solid ten minutes, ultimately culminating in a mimed hunchback striptease to the tune of Tina Turner’s ‘Private Dancer’ (only it’s ‘Private Hunchback’ instead). As he frequently reminds us, Ross Noble shows reward two types of people – the punctual and those with a daft sense of humour.


No two Ross Noble shows are alike. He’s a master of improv comedy and will frequently tangent off into the strangest of domains. One moment he’s talking about a nasty case of chafing, another he’s motioning to a pile of imaginary penguins to the side of stage (everyone looks over and he laughs heartedly at our expense). Well, that was our show at least. Yours will likely be completely different.


Rumour is that Noble hits the stage with only four words on a piece of paper and the rest just comes from his surreal mind. That’s both the blessing and curse of what he does. Each show feels fresh and the chance that the show could head in any direction at any time is genuinely exciting. It’s like he’s playing free jazz with the absurd. This freewheeling approach unfortunately does lead to the occasional note that falls flat. Luckily such moments are often few and far between.


Where Noble really shines is his crowd-work. He frequently encourages the interaction of anyone willing to step up and get involved. Whether he’s battling multiple audience members over exactly what town they’re yelling at him (‘Toodyay’) or exploring what gifts had been left on the stage (a long-time tradition at Noble shows – this time a bag of fruit and a blu-ray copy of his film ‘Stitches’.. from Video-Ezy.. with a note asking ‘is it any good? We don’t have enough HDMI cables’). You can sense it’s an element of the show Noble gleefully looks forward to every night.


Noble has been a frequent Australian visitor for years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He’s currently on a whirlwind tour of the country – and even if you’ve missed him, make sure you see him next time around. You’re guaranteed two full hilarious hours of inventive and unruly absurd comedy. Just make sure you run on time…


Weekend watch

Trust us, we know how easy it is to kick back and stay home on a Winter weekend. After all that’s where the Netflix is! There’s so much happening in Perth this weekend though. So much in fact that we thought we’d share with you five of the most exciting events to check out instead of staying at home…


  1. SkillsWest


Whether you’re just starting your career or considering a complete career change, you need to check out WA’s largest careers and employment event. Running from Friday through to Sunday, there’s over 80 organisations and employers on site with career opportunities for all ages. You can learn how to write a winning resume, experience daily career seminars, enjoy interactive displays – and hey, even come and say hello to your favourite radio people. That’s right, Boom’s broadcasting live all weekend! Find out more here: http://skillswestexpo.com.au


  1. Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood


Love him or hate him, few directors still get people talking like Quentin Tarantino. The man who brought us classics like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds has finally released his 9th film. Starring an all-star cast of Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie – Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood takes us back to the iconic city’s cinematic glory days of 1969.  You’re in for quite a ride, and a long one too at nearly three hours! This one’s screening pretty much everywhere so check the listing of your favourite cinema.


  1. Ross Noble


No two Ross Noble shows are alike. Allegedly he only writes down four words before hitting the stage… then anything can happen and quite often does. The Englishman is an absolute whirlwind of surreal and on-the-fly comedy. If you’ve never seen him before, or if you’ve seen him more times than you can count, you’re always guaranteed one very funny evening. Ross is performing all over W.A. this month, including two more shows at the Astor Theatre on Friday and Saturday. Tickets available through Ticketek.


  1. Harry Potter Quiz Night


Think you know your Hedwig from your Hogwarts? Then head down to the Leederville Function Centre on Saturday night for the Harry Potter Quiz Night! Dress up as your favourite wizard, try Wizard bingo, and prove you’re the biggest Potter fan of all! Tickets are only $22, or $220 for a table of ten. This is an 18+ event but underage wizards are allowed with a parent or guardian. Full details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1773252709487876/








  1. Australian Boomers vs Canada Basketball


Don’t worry sport fanatics, we haven’t forgotten you! Easily one of the most exciting games this weekend is the Australian Boomers taking on Canada Basketball. Both teams are preparing for the FIBA World Cup and are absolutely packed with NBA players. Who will be the best in the west? You’ll need to find out at these two huge games! See the Australian Boomers vs Canada Basketball on Friday and Saturday night at RAC Arena. More details here – https://www.racarena.com.au/Events/AUSTRALIAN-BOOMERS-VS-CANADA-BASKETBALL


BOOM Radio show their skills at the 2019 Annual Skill West Expo

Boom Radio are back again for the annual Skills West Expo for 2019 held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

This year’s expo will once again run over 3 consecutive days beginning Friday 16th August to Sunday 18th August.

The public will have the opportunity to check out a variety of trades and courses to open their eyes to new learning opportunities and find more information about new potential career pathways which is available across a selection of industries.67306440_482756142488294_8792947250721456128_n

Boom Radio will be broadcasting live from the event every day showcasing their skills they have learnt whilst studying at North Metro Tafe, Radio Broadcasting Advanced Diploma course.

The BOOM Radio team will be on location providing a heap of giveaways, prizes

and you too can have on-air experience with the amazing team at the expo.

Last year was a massive success for Boom Radio and we hope to have the same amount of success this time around. The team is very excited to get involved and create some great content as part of the Skills West Careers Expo.

North Metropolitan TAFE Leederville offer a diploma and advanced diploma in Radio Broadcasting, Screen and Media. Boom radio is an on campus non-for-profit student run station.

Come down this weekend to see all the BOOM Radio gang.


EXPO              51510896_329951577727344_5186231825202151424_n


Toy Story 4’s fitting farewell

It was always going to be contentious. How could you possibly add another film to one of the most beloved film trilogies of all time? Toy Story 4 has at the very least dared to try. Some fans were outraged, others were excited, but it was impossible not to have an opinion on Pixar’s latest release. The film company isn’t new to the sequel game either. Even outside of Toy Story, they’ve followed up the likes of Monsters Inc, The Incredibles, and Finding Nemo (the less said about the Cars franchise, the better), with varying levels of success. So could Pixar reach cinematic magic again with the return of Woody, Buzz and the gang? It was at least worth trying.

Somehow it feels like a sneaky trick. Toy Story 4 opens with a montage of a young Andy, the original owner of Woody and Buzz, playing with the toys. It takes us right back to how those original films felt. Then suddenly we’re transported to the modern-day. Andy’s grown up, the toys now live with the adorable Bonnie, and life’s back to how it always was… or is it? Woody is increasingly being left behind, and in a fit of desperation, sneaks into Bonnie’s backpack for kindergarten orientation. There, Bonnie quite literally ‘makes’ a new friend…Forky, who believes he’s trash (and is likely coming to a relatable meme near you).

Soon Woody, Forky and the rest are scooped up for one last road-trip before kindergarten truly begins. On the way, they meet new friends and old… cue the entrance of Bo Peep, Woody’s old flame. Forky soon escapes, adventures begin, and Woody ultimately must decide… is it better to be a lost toy or, to quote an old classic, ‘a child’s plaything’?

Toy Story 4 is clearly Woody’s story and your mileage may vary in this regard. If he’s your favourite, or just adore Tom Hanks (and who doesn’t? The man even claims he teared up recording his final lines) – you’re all set. If you understandably miss Buzz, Rex, Slinky and the rest, you may end up disappointed. The appearance of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as boisterous funfair toys add the strongest laughs, but the other new additions are mostly forgettable.

So was Toy Story 4 necessary? Some will claim it finally wraps the story up completely, others wish they’d just left the gang on the doorstep in Vol. 3, but hopefully, most will agree that it was heart-warming to spend time with some old pals again. Toy Story still has a friend in me.