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Worth a Watch: Hereditary

Hereditary is a horror masterpiece that is being described as the next Exorcist.hereditary-theatrical-poster

When Annie Graham’s (played by Toni Collette) mother dies she and her family begin to unravel as they discover a dark secret about their ancestry and try to run from their sinister fate.

While most horror films rely on gore and jump scares, Hereditary uses silence, plot twist, and raw human emotion to leave the audience unsettled.

This film is a rollercoaster of emotion that shows a realistic representation of people themselves. While the storyline is based around the supernatural the real horror is the humanity that is portrayed by the all-star cast.

The cinematography can only be described as amazing. It was just the cherry on top that only added to the overall vibe of the film.

Overall Hereditary is a refreshing take on horror that will leave even the bravest people needing to sleep with the lights on, and best described by the guy sitting at the back of my cinema “what the f***k” in the best way possible.


5 yr Old Boy Cost His Parents $132,000

Parents of a 5-year-old Kansas boy were hit with a $132,000 bill after their son knocked over an art sculpture on display at a local community centre. Surveillance video captured the little boy reaching for the sculpture, called “Aphrodite di Kansas City” on display in the lobby of the Tomahawk Ridge Community Centre in Overland Park, Kansas, when it toppled over.

Then a few days later, the family received a $132,000 claim from the city of Overland Park’s insurance company, saying that the piece had been damaged beyond repair. “You’re responsible for the supervision of a minor child… your failure to monitor could be considered negligent,” the insurance letter read in part. “I was surprised, absolutely, more so offended to be called negligent,” said the boy’s mother Sarah Goodman. “They were treating this like a crime scene.”

The sculpture’s artist, Bill Lyons, told ABC News it took him about two years to create the piece and it was listed for sale at $132,000. He examined the piece himself, he said, and concluded it could not be repaired. “It’s beyond my capabilities and desires to rebuild it,” he said. City officials say the piece was not “permanently attached” but it was secured to the pedestal with clips and that it was “not an interactive piece.” “We’ve had other pieces there and we’ve not had problems,” said city spokesman Sean Reilly. “We’ve not had this situation… we’ve not had kids climb on our pieces.” But Goodman argued the sculpture should have been better secured. She also disputes the city’s claim that her child wasn’t being supervised. Goodman said she and her husband were out of frame of the surveillance camera, saying their goodbyes during a wedding reception that they were leaving, when the incident occurred. “No one would ever to expect that to come into a place that kids are invited and have to worry about a $132,000 dollar piece of art falling on their child,” Goodman said. “Because he didn’t maliciously break it. It fell on him. It was not secure, it was not safe — at all.”

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The Presets Live At Metropolis Fremantle

There’s nothing like spending your hump day listening to live music, and that’s exactly what a small portion of Perth got to do last night. Iconic Australian electric music duo, The Presets came to Metropolis Fremantle last night to promote their latest album “Hi Viz”. Arriving at the venue there was a mix of faces, young and old, but all with looks of eager anticipation to see the Aussie legends. The night started with opening acts Kult Kyss and Roland Tings, playing similar music to one another, but both seemed to get the crowd excited for the exciting night that was yet to come.
The wait between sets seemed to be a long one as we all waited for the boys we came to see, but it turned out to be worth the wait as they finally graced the stage, being welcomed with a roar of cheering. Lead singer Julian Hamilton was welcomed on stage first, followed by drummer Kim Moyes. Dressed in white overalls paired with a bright orange wig, Moyes out dressed his peer but their stage presence out shun the crowd pleasing costume. ‘Talk Like That’ was the song that opened their almost two hour set and had the crowd hooked from the very beginning. It was the perfect song to start the night to say the least. The combination of bass, smoke, cheers and fist pumps filled the room for the next hour and a half, the excitement quickly spread throughout the venue, even the security looked to be having a good time.

As far as crowd interaction goes The Presets were successful in keeping the high energy going with Hamilton talking to the crowd and Moyes dancing across the stage in sync with the bass drops and continued to hype up the crowd the entire night.  The crowd pleasers managed to unite the crowd, mixed with old fans and new with their music from their debut album to their latest, Hi Viz. “Getdown Shutdown” was a fan favourite, from the newly released album, as the mosh seemed to enjoy a little too much as there were people sitting on shoulders and excited screams echoed throughout the building, almost resembling a festival mosh pit, but most certainly mirroring a festival atmosphere.

It was clear that everyone in the room wanted to be there, from a middle aged couple having a dance off with several younger crowd goers, to the highly intoxicated middle aged man trying to get into the venue at the beginning of the night, but of course being refused entry. The good vibes and excited energy lasted right until the final song, with the crowd demanding an encore and finishing the night with smiles. Good energy and laughter filled the streets of Fremantle after the gig with fans still talking about what they just saw, talking about their favourite songs the band played. One pair were disappointed that the band didn’t pay their favourite song, but were still pleased with the nights outcome.

All in all the night was a great success for the band and the crowd, leaving nobody disappointed, except maybe the guy at the start of the night being refused entry, but you cant please everyone. Here’s hoping the rest of the Australian tour is a great success and if The Presets were to bring out another album Perth would welcome them with open arms, but hopefully with a larger venue next time.

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Feels like just yesterday we found out about Ariana Grande and Mac Millers split. It was the 9thof May that we had discovered the news of the shock split between Grande and Miller from what was described as a toxic relationship. By the 18thof May news broke that  SNL star Pete Davidson was dating Ariana and fans were quick to ship the newly public couple.

Since news broke that the power couple had started dating, our social media feed has been flooded with snaps that we’ve labelled couple goals. In the last 48 hours Arianators all over the world are freaking out because news has quickly caught wind that the fresh couple are engaged?! Fans have been acting like detectives looking for any new evidence to confirm the rumours, and have quickly found that Ariana has been displaying the ring for quite some time now.

Wasn’t too long ago that Grande was dating rapper Mac Miller and now she’s set to wed fiancé Pete Davidson. Regardless of how quickly the relationship has escalated we can’t help but be happy for the pop sensation and wish her the best of luck even if the rumours aren’t true.


Donald Trump met up with Kim Jon-un

sclkd vkDonald Trump has said the US is prepared to start a new history with North Korea after
meeting with Kim Jon-un in Singapore. After meeting with Kim, Trump said that real change is indeed possible. “He reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula,” he told a news conference.


Save the Date, WAMFest Returns this November!

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 11.36.42 AMAttracting an impressive 40,000 people, WAMFest 2017 blew the record books wide open. The expanded and reimagined festival brought 57 iconic local venues and public spaces to life over two weekends; with live music events running throughout regional WA and Perth-metro areas.

New festival coordinators Mark Neal and Simon ‘Skinny’ O’Leary took on dual programming roles and as a result substantially increased the number of local acts involved. A whopping 304 local acts (representing 1,145 musicians) showcased their talent at last year’s WAMFest Live events, and this year we hope to see even more.

Alongside WAMCon Coordinator Claire Hodgson and WAMAwards Coordinator Kate Branson, the ambitious festival producing pair are just as committed to creating opportunities for West Australian artists as ever. While we can’t reveal too much just yet, WAMFest 2018 is shaping up to be the biggest yet so better save these dates now!



WAMAwards: WA’s annual music night of nights, awarding and celebrating WA’s finest artists.


WAMCon: Day one at The State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth.
Quay Note Boat Party: Exclusive VIP boat party on the Swan River.
WAMFest Live Friday: WA music showcases with a focus on Perth city venues.


WAMCon: Day two at The State Theatre Centre of WA, Perth.
WAMFest Live Saturday: A full day of free music events right across Northbridge, including the return of the Lot Party at Lot 10 South, adjacent to the newly completed Yagan Square.

Plus, a number of regional and local council events in the weeks leading up, to be revealed.


Bespoke Ice Cubes?

You’ve probably heard of a bespoke suit or maybe even bespoke shoes but now we have got bespoke ice cubes?fucking ice

These made to order ice cubes are perfect for cocktails at Perth’s high-end small bars, and we sure hope they are worth it at $1 per Ice cube!!!

Apparently, Perth’s Bartenders are saying this isn’t a phase, it the future.

“From a customer’s point of view, it adds to the drink-ing experience,” Long Chim restaurant chain, international beverage director James Connolly said.

Saying “It suits any drink on the rocks, especially the classic stirred drinks.”