:: MOVIE REVIEW :: Justice League

Following the release of DC Films’ #JusticeLeague, Marcel forced Christian & Kiki into the studio to talk about the hype. The review is linked below:

The review from christian was based around his childhood journey growing up with the comics and Kiara’s general knowledge about the subject. Marcel’s obviously limited experience in the comic book side of the film was clear and didn’t need much to be convinced to see it.

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BOOM Radio and Ink Remedy Tattoo Contest!!

BOOM Radio has partnered with Ink Remedy to give one lucky listener the chance to win a FREE tattoo!!

Ink Remedy Competition Logo

The tattoo with the most likes by 12PM on Friday November 17th will win the FREE tattoo done by Rachel O’Shea at Ink Remedy in Leederville.

The two runners up will each receive a $50.00 Ink Remedy voucher.

Click here to have your say


  • MUST be over 18 to win.
  • Size, dimensions, duration and colour of the free tattoo is up to the discretion of Ink Remedy.
  • Booking times are up to the discretion of Ink Remedy.

Catzilla | New Album

There’s a certain school of thought in music that you never need more than three minutes to kick ass. The Beatles knew this. So did the Ramones and the Cramps also.
Now Catzilla does too.
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.57.26 am

Catzilla (the band) has been rocking the Perth scene for eighteen months, already self-releasing an EP (‘Going Wild’) and now Catzilla (the album) is their first full album. It’s a goddamn ripper. Opening track and lead single ‘Boy From Another Time’ sets the tone perfectly. It’s exactly 125 seconds of garage rock ear candy. Infectious buzzing guitar riffs, groovy 60’s spy movie keyboards and a chorus so catchy it should probably require a health warning.

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Kiki pushes Bryzer’s fears to the limit

The anticipation is finally over as Kiki made Bryzer face his fears with certain critters head on, at the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show.

They saw the parasites pavilion, spent time with the animals great and small, and also had some time with the dogs.

Thankfully for Bryzer there were no snakes!!!!

Listen in to #BOOMsBigBreakfast with #BryzerAndKiki every Thursday and Friday from 7AM only on BOOM Radio, Not Just Noise.


Save BIG with Lolly Warehouse!

BOOM Radio is back at the annual #IGAPerthRoyalShow, and this year we are giving you the chance to save money! We have partnered up with Lolly Warehouse to bring you savings on all your lollie needs.

If you shop on lollywarehouse.com.au up till October the 16th, you’ll save 5% on your entire cart. Here are 5 easy steps to get your discount.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.11.16 am

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BOOM Radio will once again be at the IGA Perth Royal Show commencing this weekend at the Claremont Showground’s.

You will once again be able to join us for a shot on-air or you can even have a go at our #GiantJenga, while chilling on our couches and entering a raffle to win a record player.

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