Top 3 local artists to listen to this week

By Scott Gilchrist 27 April 2020

With the world now slowly adjusting to daily life in isolation, musicians have been taking to the internet to keep people entertained, whether it’s a regular Sunday session through Facebook or a short live stream using Instagram.

Here’s a few to check out!

Mitchell Martin

This singer-songwriter released his new single “Be Myself” digitally in March and despite having to postpone the launch he has been regularly playing live sets through his Instagram as well as joining fellow musicians Sarah Strahan and TASHI. His Instagram is below

 Fix The World

This father-son duo played regularly at The Carlisle and the Craigie Tavern before the pandemic, with their setlist usually consisting of a mix of well known 80s and 90s covers up to popular tracks from the 2000s. They currently play a regular Sunday Session on facebook – details below

 Imocean Studio Band

Though not Producer Kaleb Treacy runs a recording studio in Busselton. In March he produced, recorded and mixed the cruisy jazzy-blues track “Morning Sun”.

Imocean Studio band features the following members:

Hannah Smillie – Drums & Vocals
Nikita Shiels – Vocals
Kate James – Piano
Jonah Chiera – Guitar
Brandon Richards – Bass

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