The Best Songs to Play During Hard Times

By Kael Butler – 10th April 2020

Let’s face it, times are tough. And even though it’s important to keep your spirits high, sometimes we need a good old sob sesh (And that’s okay). It doesn’t matter who you are, when we are upset, letting the tears out and facing your sadness, is a far more effective way to get over it, when compared to simply bottling your feelings up. Here are some songs that are definite, certified tear jerkers. These tracks will help you cry all the rivers you want, so you can go about your day. Note: these are especially effective in the shower. 

Make out song – The Rosebuds

This mellow love story will catch a lot of people within the first few lines. The opening beats set you up for a journey filled to the brim with feels, and heartfelt words. As soon as Ivan Howards sleepy vocals kick in, with the lines “Put down those car keys, come back to bed”, you know what you’re in for. With lyrics depicting genuine feelings of love and longing, this one will sneak up on those who are currently missing someone.. 8 tears out of 10. 

Slow Dancing in the Dark – Joji

Joji is the king of sad anthems. Most of his discography (especially his early work) could fit on this list. To keep things short, however only one has been chosen. Slow Dancing in the Dark manages to fit in themes of Love, Longing, jealousy and many more heart string tuggers. “Slow Dancing in the Dark” is used as a metaphor for a failing relationship, and this song tackles the emotions tied to that. The song’s slow, ambient verses give you plenty of room to think your emotions over, building up into the emotional, primal scream that is the hook. Where Joji belts out his words, as the instrumental rises to meet him. Belting this song out in the shower is the best way to enjoy this track, and will definitely allow you to let some tears out (it’s also a bloody bop) . 9 tears out of 10

Moonlight on the River – Mac Demarco

This seven-minute feels fest tackles a lot of heavy stuff. This can be seen immediately within the opening verse: “Id say see you later, if I thought id see you later…..Id tell you that I love you, if I did…”. The song is about Mac trying to figure out his feelings towards the father that abandoned him. Mac is torn between not knowing this man, and the fact that he is an important figure in his life. The song also touches on ideas on mourning, with Mac acknowledging that “everybody dies”, as he returns home to say his goodbyes. This song hits hard, both in its sound and lyrically. And by the time the trippy, intense outro rolls in, your feelings will be on full blast. 11 tears out of 10. 

Submarine Original Songs from the Film – Alex Turner. 

Okay, I know that this is cheating, giving a whole soundtrack one spot. But trust me, its hard to pick just one song from this melancholy marathon. The album is comprised of six songs and runs for about 19 minutes. Meaning that this one will come in handy for those especially long cry sessions. The whole soundtrack was written and performed by Alex Turner, the front man of alternative band Arctic Monkeys. And was put together for the film ‘Submarine’, a film about a young boy trying to win the affections of his high school crush, while attempting to keep his parent’s marriage together. The film is a great watch, but it’s the soundtrack we’re here to discuss. Listening to this album will take you back to your high school years, how those years made you feel, and how far away they seem, as Alex lays out intimate, detailed scenes of youthful rebellion, love, angst and emotion. Listen to this album, watch the film, and prepare to cry. 10 tears out of 10.

Now if none of those songs open the floodgates, you’ve truly got a heart of steel. Of course, if you are really struggling with your bad thoughts and feelings, and you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call Lifeline WA. Their number is 13 11 14, and they will do everything they can to listen, and help you with whatever you’re going through. 

The songs listed here, along with many more sad anthems, can be found in the ‘Birthday Tears’ Playlist on Spotify. These are the songs I listen too when I need to work through some emotions, and I hope they help you, as they’ve helped me.

Lifeline WA – 13 11 14

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