Demon Days release new single ‘Safehouse’

Demon Days release new single ‘Safehouse’

Blayne Treadgold
Friday 1 May

Perth band Demon Days have released their latest single, Safehouse but don’t let the name fool you this ain’t no lockdown anthem.

Self described as ‘just a bunch of neo soul kids from the most isolated city in the world’ Demon Days have certainly struck the chill chords with this one.

Soulful vocals combined with dreamy keyboard synth vibes and super chilled beats, hit all kinds of areas Jill Scott would be proud of, and certainly wouldn’t be out of place on any chilled out Sunday afternoon playlist.

Despite the super polished final cut produced and mixed by keyboard player Joshua Chan, Safehouse went through multiple rigorous tranformations after being originally written in 2017.

The band deciding to “strip it back to its bare bones to really highlight the importance of the lyrics and create an element of space”.

Vocalist Bella Nichols explained the lyrics which hit somewhat darker areas involving the breakdown of a relationship but also the personal growth which was built from the experience.

“When hearts are on the table, a person’s own inner turmoil can force them to abuse the love of others. The result of which, can leave you feeling like the whole experience was fraudulent.

But, I like to think, with that comes a silver lining of growth upon reflection. This song marks an important time in my life, the first where I had to really show great strength and resilience.”

It’s sure to be just a taster of whats to come with the groups plans to return to touring in October and set to release their debut album in 2021.

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