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Bucks Receive Championship Rings

What the Bucks achieved in the 2020- 21 NBA season was remarkable not only did they win their second NBA title and first since 1971 but they did it after being 2-0 down to the Phoenix suns.

It was a remarkable season for the bucks in season 2020-21 after breaking a 50-year championship drought after being 2-0 down to the Devin booker lead suns, before rallying to win the next four games to win 4-2 to win their second NBA title with Giannis Antetokounmpo winning finals MVP.

This was one of the first NBA finals to feature two small-market teams in Milwaukee and Phoenix and we are so accustomed to seeing a big market team such as the LA Lakers and Golden state warriors in recent years, But in an NBA tradition, the championship banner and rings are presented to the champions on the opening night of the following season with the bucks receiving there in the opening game against a star-studded Brooklyn team minus Kyrie Irving who still refuses to get vaccinated ruling him out of the NBA season.

The championship rings the Bucks are receiving have lots of the features you expect from a ring with 360 diamonds on top, 16 emeralds diamonds to represent how many playoffs wins the Bucks had, Removable top with two Larry Obrien trophies two represent how many championships the franchise has won. It also features the player’s name and numbers on the side and each result of the playoff series but in a first of its kind, the ring turns into a necklace with the ring maker Jason from Beverly hills saying.

“A lot of players were not able to wear their rings; they weren’t practical. You might take it out on Christmas eve to show the family, but other then that, they can’t wear it. I wanted to create a ring that had more versatility, where a player wears it and let it be comfortable”.