The Drive Home

From 4pm onwards, de-stress and catch up on news you may have missed plus the endless banter and humour the people have here on BOOM Radio.

Christian & Sav
Mondays and Tuesdays

If you love it when siblings fight then you are gonna love listening to Christian & Sav on Monday and Tuesday Afternoons for The Drive Home. They laugh, they cry and more than anything their voices change every 30 seconds. It’s Family Feud redefined and it’s only on BOOM Radio.


Will, Nat & Christina


Ben & Marcel
Thursday and Fridays 

Just two mates on the radio, Ben & Marcel invite you into their friendship. The boys are almost the same person, they share the same birthday for example. The boys are driving you home from 4pm every Thursday and Friday arvo.

insta b&m


James is contrarian by nature, loves to debate and argue a point and, deconstructing ideas and challenging people’s preconceptions and politics and wants to be an interviewer one day. Besides the melancholy veneer James loves grand strategy games, history, politics, literature, sci fi, horror and Heavy metal. Sarcastic, enigmatic, eccentric. Over the edge, pushing the limit. A man for the new millennium.




She’s known around the Boom building by her several alter-egos… Sharon, the soccer mom, likes to complain and micro-manage. She also drives a mini van. Then there’s Shaz, who gets a little rowdy on your Sunday drive home. Who knew there could be these big personalities in such a pint sized human, huh?


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