The Drive Home

From 4pm onwards, de-stress and catch up on news you may have missed plus the endless banter and humour the people have here on BOOM Radio.

Christian & Sav
Mondays and Tuesdays

If you love it when siblings fight then you are gonna love listening to Christian & Sav on Monday and Tuesday Afternoons for The Drive Home. They laugh, they cry and more than anything their voices change every 30 seconds. It’s Family Feud redefined and it’s only on BOOM Radio.


Bryzer & Shannon

Bryzer and Shannon are the unexpected combo on paper, but on air they are the ultimate dream team. Whether it is Shannon being her savage self at Bryzer or Bryzer giving it back, these 2 will always make for a fun show. They are your competitive, fun, humorous and banter loving show that will make you gasping for more. They are the RSA RadioFlag Winner’s for the Best Variety Show Category and they continue to have a point to prove every  Wednesday from 4PM on BOOM Radio.


Wai, Beats & KiKi
Thursday and Fridays 

Join Wai, Beats and Kiki for the craziest drive home you’ll ever hear. Pick up great life hacks, learn about things you would never think are true, and go all the way back with each weeks throwback track and they have a crazy theory about anything and everything. Tune in Thursday’s and Friday’s 4-7pm for everyone’s favourite drive show!

wai beats and kiki


James is contrarian by nature, loves to debate and argue a point and, deconstructing ideas and challenging people’s preconceptions and politics and wants to be an interviewer one day. Besides the melancholy veneer James loves grand strategy games, history, politics, literature, sci fi, horror and Heavy metal. Sarcastic, enigmatic, eccentric. Over the edge, pushing the limit. A man for the new millennium.




Sian, also known as Sianos (because she thinks it makes her sound more edgy) is a 20 year old lover of fun. In between planning parties, talking about parties, and going to parties, Sianos loves to spend hours on her laptop finding new music, (that she can potentially play at parties.) Sianos also loves to talk, dance, watch videos of dogs, and is extremely talented at getting distracted easily.


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