BOOM’s Big Breakfast

BOOM’s Big Breakfast starts at 7am every day, keeping you in the loop with all things Perth, the latest trends and the news, sport, weather and traffic as you need it. All in real time, broadcasting live from Leederville.

Ben & Shannon
Mondays and Tuesdays

What do you get when you mix a self-confessed Netflix addict and a self-confessed sports tragic who both share a mutual love for Ed Sheeran? Start your week off right with Ben & Shannon on BOOM’s Big Breakfast.


bns boom photo

Beats & Sianos
Wednesdays and Thursdays



Bryzzer, Kiki & Will
Thursdays and Fridays

Bryzer, Will and Kiki will take you on a wild ride with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. If you’re looking for a show full of the latest gossip, friendly banter, and some of the strangest conversations you’ve ever heard, tune in Thursday and Friday mornings for BOOM’s Big Breakfast with Bryzer, Will and Kiki.

BW & K


Ruth is a self-professed gym queen, literature aficionado and tattoo enthusiast. Her body is constructed of a ratio of 80% Earl Grey Tea, 15% Malteasers and 5% muscle. When not on the air, she spends her days in her pyjamas, binging on cartoons and cereal, reliving the glory days of Saturday mornings as a kid.

“Fight me!” – Ruth M Kirkby 1992-present”






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