Who is Lauren?..

Lauren born and bred in Perth, this confident, loud, woman who doesn’t know how to be quiet in serious situations is a passionate radio presenter. Sport isn’t so much her thing with the only thing she can keep in shape are her eyebrows. When it comes to running, the closest to that she has gotten to is the running man challenge, this challenge video of Lauren was actually posted online and copped a whopping 4 million views, something she claims yet regrets every day. She creates many videos online with over 35,000 followers on Instagram posting somewhat funny content, no one can really explain what it is but some how her dancing in her room is actually funny to teenage girls.

Lauren’s passion for music varies from Crying in the Shower listening to Fix You by cold play to twerking to Work by Rhianna.

Previously to becoming a Diploma Student of Radio she has worked at an Indoor Children’s Playground for 4 years, the job involved children throwing things at her, cleaning waste, seeing a lot of crying children when they were eliminated in Musical Bobs and eating the left over ice-cream cake from parties when no one was looking.

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Wednesday 4pm-7pm with Mary

The Drop – Saturday night  10pm – 1am