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Jen prefers early mornings over late nights, which is great considering she is one-half of BOOMS BIG BREKKY. Before radio, Jen played cricket for WA, Perth Scorchers, and NSW, and maintains her love for sports with Coaching, and broadcasting roles. Outside of the studio, Jen can usually be found watching sports, trying to surf, visiting Bunnings to keep things alive in her garden, or planning the next Caravanning trip with her wife and two dogs. With a passion for sports broadcasting, storytelling, and connecting with people, Jen is known for her love of a “to-do” list, cleaning whilst badly but enthusiastically singing, and an uncanny ability to cry in ALL happy or sad scenes. Catch Jen on Mondays & Wednesdays from 7am on BOOMS BIG BREKKY with Jen & Laen.

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Laen grew up on the South Coast of WA, and the Antarctic ocean current seems to have left her with a slightly above freezing heart (despite that one time she gave birth) and an obsession with cake and sci-fi movies, which may or may not be related. After ten years in publishing and communications, Laen made the transition to radio seeking a new creative challenge. She loves podcasts, radio plays, anything with a hard trap beat, and reminding others not to eat crayons. You can catch Laen serving up the latest tracks, sci-fi, and superhero movie news, and new tech goss, for breakfast on Monday & Wednesday on BOOMS BIG BREKKY…and look, there may be cake