So, who’s Shannon?Shannon-Website.png

Shannon is a 21 year old radio student who likes to think she’s funny but is probably getting laughed at more times than laughed with. She started her radio journey in 2013 and hopes that it’s far from over! With a passion for on-air, music, audio production and Programming (not sales though… ew) — she can practically do it all. Adequately.

She’s known around the Boom building by her several alter-egos… Sharon, the soccer mom, likes to complain and micro-manage. She also drives a mini van. Then there’s Shaz, who gets a little rowdy on your Friday drive home. But then we have the real Shannon, who you read about above. Who knew there could be three big personalities in such a pint sized human, huh?

You can hear Shannon on BOOM Radio…

BOOM’s Big Breakfast w/ Ben & Shannon
Mondays and Tuesdays from 7AM

The Hype w/ Shannon, Sav & Christian
Fridays from 7PM