So, who’s Sav?sav.png

Officially known as The Shortest Person on BOOM™ at a staggering barely five foot, Sav makes up for the lack of height with a ridiculous laugh and a high decibel voice. After what seems like never-ending laughter, she’ll talk about almost anything under the sun; food is a high priority, but it narrowly falls second underneath the fluffy demons popularly known as cats. That can all be ignored and we can focus on the most important fact that if Sav’s laughing, you probably are too (but you’re laughing at her, not with her… and that’s all okay).

You can hear Sav on BOOM Radio…

The Drive Home w/ Christian & Sav
Mondays and Tuesdays from 4PM

The Hype w/ Shannon, Sav & Christian
Fridays form 7PM