So, who’s Naomi?naomi
Naomi is definitely a special personality, with a slightly augmented out
look on all things “normal”. She makes a big deal of letting everyone know how cute her dog it, by the way her dog Rebel is the cutest, just so you’re up to date. She can be found in the office drinking coffee and complaining about how slow the internet is.
She prides herself for being “metal” but we all know baby animals bring her close to tears, what a pansy! Naomi is not afraid to make fun of herself, which makes her the perfect pick for your Friday 10AM-1PM show and Full Metal Jacket every Tuesday night.
You can hear Naomi on BOOM Radio…
BOOM’s Big Breakfast w/ Christina, Marcel & Naomi
Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7AM
Full Metal Jacket w/ Naomi
Tuesdays from 10PM