Bryant “Bryzer”

So, who’s Bryzzer?bryzzer.png

My name is Bryant, but most people know me as Bryzer.

I am the returning Sports Director of Boom Radio and will be once again give you all of the latest Sports News, every Friday Night on The Warm Up. I am into all Sports, especially AFL, Soccer, Basketball and Cricket, they would always be my Main 4. If you want too hear me in a less Sporty Environment then have a listen to me on Wednesday Drive with Jules and Tom. People may call me the Sports Guy, but I am also referred to as a “Catch Phrase King!”

Peace and Respect / Bryant A.K.A. Bryzer / #FairCall #FairCallForAustralia #Let’sDoThisThing

You can hear Bryzzer on BOOM Radio…

The Drive Home w/ Bryzzer & Shannon
Wednesdays from 4PM

The Warm Up w/ Bryzzer & Ben
Thursdays from 7PM

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