Sebastian Romano (Yes after Ray Romano) Clarke is an aspiring radio presenter out of Kalgoorlie, WA, from an extensive family history of carpenter’s/builders. Sebastian, otherwise known as Seb, decided to pursue a more glamorous and less strenuous work life, in the media. Hosting his own AFL podcast with his great friend, Hayden. Seb frequently talks with the biggest names in the AFL.

Apart from the footy, Seb enjoys the Tennis, UFC, Boxing and a punt on the horses at weeks end (as long as he doesn’t lose all his money at the casino on a Friday night) as well as dressing tizzy and attending the racetrack on a Saturday afternoon.

Seb often takes up what Perth has to offer on Friday and Saturday night in Northbridge, where he will always end up with a doner kebab with the lot in his hands in the early hours of the morning. His local footy team is close to his heart, the Mount Lawley Hawks are frequently beaten but Seb doesn’t mind, as long as he can give a bit of lip on the field, often milking a free-kick when the opposition has had enough of his smart-ass chirps and put him on the ground.

What does the future hold for the man who is not so great with the ladies? Who knows, but we have a feeling it will be interesting.