So, who’s Nat?

A proud sunny sand groper, lived by the sea… nope just kidding. Natalie hates the sea and anything to do with it, sun, surf, sand, Nat thinks it can all stay out there, at sea!Nat

43 years young to date, her life so far has been eventful to say the least! It started when she was a little girl heavily involved in dancing and swimming. In fact, was on Fat Cat’s Fun Time Show dancing and was Australian champion Royal Lifesaver 4 years in a row Moved on to become a cheerleader for Perth Wildcat.

Worked from the age of 15 heading to the mines for 11 years at the age of 18! Loved that chapter of her life but feels like it is worlds away now! Married for 18 years so far to an amazing hard working supportive man and they have 3 amazingly beautiful children who inspire her every single day. As we speak, loving life following her dream of being on the radio… after all, she has the face for it!!

You can hear Nat on BOOM Radio…

BOOM’s Big Breakfast w/ Nat, James & Selina
Monday & Tuesday from 7AM

BOOM Party w/ Nat
Saturday from 7PM