So, who’s Bronwyn?


Bronwyn, the beauty school drop out! She is our social media queen, wears her heart on her sleeve and actively supports pescetarianism and kombucha! Never fails to rock up without a coffee in hand (soy milk of course).

This socialite, Sagittarius has a personality as colourful as her ever changing hair. She is only 5,5 so hair modelling is as famous as she’ll ever get! A natural brunette but fits the blonde stereotype to a tee as she can’t work a computer to save her life and she thought grapes were a stone fruit! She hates getting her hands dirty so it’s surprising that she can do anything, with her out of this world nails!

These are a few of her favourite things, Michael Jackson, The Kardashians, Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion, Lindsay Lohan’s The Parent Trap, Daria, The Spice girls Movie, The Aristocats, faux fur, glitter, pink, anything 90’s, coriander, pasta and wearing fluffy slides.

Being the black sheep of her family she suffers

from middle child syndrome amongst two sisters. She often laughs at her own jokes and finds people hurting themselves hilarious! She is obsessed with her family, partner, 3 best friends and zoo of rescued pets. She can’t wait to own her very own pug and frenchie dogs and has already picked names and outfits for them. Her dream is to one day be a part of a flash mob, so she can literally ‘dance in the street’.

You can listen in to her for Breakky with Cin, J & Bron from 7-10am along with B’s Pre’s on Saturdays from 4 – 7pm.