Ever noticed how no radio stations in Perth play a whole heap of local music? That’s where we come in. There is so much talent right here in Perth that we can’t help but play you the best of it!

We have the classics, like John Butler Trio, Birds of Tokyo, Eskimo Joe, Tame Impala and Kucka.

Then we have the local acts that you should get into your playlist immediately. Morgan Bain, Kat Wilson, Travis Green, Methyl Ethel and Karnivool to name a few.

Keeping it fresh, we also play the hits of today that you want to hear. Downtown? Yep. Some Taylor Swift? Yep. All the Aussie stuff pumping up the charts right now? You bet!

On top of this, we have our Specialty Shows, so if your music taste has a different kind of palette, you just have to tune in.

Think there’s someone we should be playing? Shoot us a message at our Contact page, or hit us up on Facebook.

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