Born in the rolling green highlands of Scotland in early 1994. Peter already knew from a wee laddie that he was destined to make people laugh for a living simply because that’s all he is good at.


Whether you’re laughing at him or with him, as long as your laughing, it gives him a sense of accomplishment. At the young age of 11, Peter along with his older sister and parents decided to immigrate to Perth Western Australia in the tail end of 2005.

He Fully embraces the Aussie way of life, minus the double plugger thongs and Bintang singlet. He likes to keep his Scottish roots strong by tossing the caber and occasionally going on a hunt for some wild haggis. in his downtime peter can be found working on his other passions that include gaming, writing jokes, tuning into his ever-expanding vinyl collection or watching professional wrestlers put the smackdown in the squared circle. There’s not much music peter won’t listen to…. (yes even bagpipes) His top three genres are metal, rap and whatever sounds good to his ears.

The best 3 describing words to summarise Peter is big, brash and bombastic. Leave your big brain at the door as you won’t need it, just relax and enjoy the ride that big Pete the flying Scotsman will take you on.

Listen to him –

Drive – thur&fri 4-7 pm

Full Metal Jacket mon – 7pm-10pm

comedy hour – 1am-4am