So, who’s Mary?


Mary was born thanks to a bet her dad made with her mum, that dockers would win the derby against eagles over 18 years ago, but ironically supports the eagles, typical aries. She pulled a Benjamin Button, as she’s the youngest of 3 but is an old soul and the most mature. Marys sarcastic 24/7 365. She’s the girl that everyone looks like, even if you don’t, you do. Brown hair and brown eyes and you’re her doppelganger.

After quitting cheerleading to get a Mcflurry and mixed basketball because she realized she was too short to slam dunk, Mary’s achievements are limited to one trophy. “Capsize Queen”, from her sailing days, which she also gave up because it was “too windy”. She’s most proud of the 2879 Nandos points she’s managed to rack up, and since 1 point = $1, you can decide whether that’s impressive or not. Her talents include smelling a crisp bowl and being able to tell you what flavour it is and pretending to know everything about all sports to impress boys.

Mary’s love of music stretches from Louis Armstrong’s “La Vie En Rose”, all the way to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”, and everything in between. With her passion for music she thought why not pursue a career in it, and after being traumatised from singing I Am Beautiful by Christiana Aguilera in front of her whole school, she knew being the next Beyonce wasn’t an option, so doing a Diploma of Radio and Media Broadcasting at North Metropolitan Tafe was the next best thing.

Mary is constantly waiting for the One Direction hiatus to be over, but in the meantime

She’s on Boom Radio Wednesday’s Drive Show 4pm-7pm with Lauren