So, who’s Jacob?

Jacob might be the youngest BOOMer, but that doesn’t stop him from being the loudest.

Anything with loud and intense drums will never fail to catch his attention. Especially ifJacob it’s a song with some in-your-face screaming to match. Just because Jacob likes metal though doesn’t cut him off from anything else. With a passion for drums that expands from metal into jazz, math-rock, noise-rock, funk, hip-hop and many other genres.

Jacob’s philosophy is that if it has a catchy drum beat to it, it’s worth a listen. This philosophy comes to life with the shows he’s a part of.

You can hear Jacob on BOOM Radio…

The Drive Home w/ Jacob & Kane
Monday from 4PM

A20 w/ Jacob & Selina
Tuesday from 10PM

BOOM’s Backyard w/ Jacob
Monday from 7PM