Who is Sam?..


Sam is a 22 year old from Geraldton WA, who has been in the city for four years studying and working. He now lives in Nedlands with his four male housemates and tries to live the Golden Triangle lifestyle on a uni student budget.

He is studying a diploma in radio and broadcasting because as his friends say, he has a face for radio and could talk for a living. Being the oldest of five siblings, he had to fight hard to get a word in, which is why he is never short of things to say. His love for radio started when he was little and used to commentate family kick to kick in the backyard, and his dream is to one day call the AFL or NBA for a living. Sam is ALWAYS talking sports (when he isn’t playing it), and has so many NBA and AFL stats in his brain that he forgets everything else in his day to day life like when he lost his car keys for six weeks and they were in the ignition the whole time. His Spotify playlists range from Kanye and Kendrick (who he’s seen in concert), to Morgan Saint and Last Dinosaurs, to Robbie Williams and Pink (which you can accredit to his mum and the 5 hour car trips to Perth when he was young).

You’ll always see Sam coming due to his repertoire of colourful and TV-themed T-Shirts, and you’ll hear him coming with his obscure Simpsons references and bad dad jokes. Sam has the attention span of a small puppy and can’t go a whole movie without adding his own commentary, but will eat ANYTHING insight so dinner dates are a safe bet.


You can hear Sam on BOOM Radio with his co-host Mez on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and with The Warm Up sports program from 7pm on Thursday