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Worth a Watch: Hereditary

Hereditary is a horror masterpiece that is being described as the next Exorcist.hereditary-theatrical-poster

When Annie Graham’s (played by Toni Collette) mother dies she and her family begin to unravel as they discover a dark secret about their ancestry and try to run from their sinister fate.

While most horror films rely on gore and jump scares, Hereditary uses silence, plot twist, and raw human emotion to leave the audience unsettled.

This film is a rollercoaster of emotion that shows a realistic representation of people themselves. While the storyline is based around the supernatural the real horror is the humanity that is portrayed by the all-star cast.

The cinematography can only be described as amazing. It was just the cherry on top that only added to the overall vibe of the film.

Overall Hereditary is a refreshing take on horror that will leave even the bravest people needing to sleep with the lights on, and best described by the guy sitting at the back of my cinema “what the f***k” in the best way possible.

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Worth a Watch: Avengers Infinity War

The Avengers Infinity Wars has made a splash to Box Office Record on its opening Avengers infinity warweekend, 630 million gross not including the Chinese market. The Infinity Wars movie is the finale in the saga, a cliffhanger ending Fans of the franchise will have to wait for the finale.
The film brings back the Avengers team for a final confrontation with Thanos in his quest for ultimate power. What makes the film work so well Is how it sets up its characters motivations. Even the penultimate Villain Thanos, has an emotive character arc. You can see that he is wrong in his goals but he does is sincere in his reason for doing the things he does. From his point of view, he is justified. This is more than the classic comic book villain who is evil for evil’s sake.
I found myself looking analyzing the characters. Why they doing everything, the reasons they act and I’ve found they act with purpose. It is not a series of events that they are reacting too, but they understand the weight of the impending danger and try to prepare the best they can.
These characters which normally super find themselves outmatched and overpowered in what feels like genuine suspense. Many people are eagerly awaiting the conclusion to the movie as it will be a challenge for our heroes to overcome.

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Worth a Watch: Tully

Charlize Theron plays a mother overcome with the pressures of motherhood, in this honest film that tells an unexpected story of mental illness. After giving the gift of life to her youngest daughter Mia, it seems that the life has then been drained from our protagonist. After hiring a ‘night nanny’ named Tully, life seems to improve for everyone in the film.

‘Tully’ isn’t a film that displays the glamourized look on pregnancy that many movies too. It focuses on the truthful reality that motherhood is a stressful, overwhelming part of life. Charlize Theron’s acting is terrific as she completely nails her role in another Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody film.

All in all, Tully is a well written, well-acted movie that is worth the watch. After seeing the surprise ending, it may be worth while watching again with the knowledge of what happens.

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