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The Presets Live At Metropolis Fremantle

There’s nothing like spending your hump day listening to live music, and that’s exactly what a small portion of Perth got to do last night. Iconic Australian electric music duo, The Presets came to Metropolis Fremantle last night to promote their latest album “Hi Viz”. Arriving at the venue there was a mix of faces, young and old, but all with looks of eager anticipation to see the Aussie legends. The night started with opening acts Kult Kyss and Roland Tings, playing similar music to one another, but both seemed to get the crowd excited for the exciting night that was yet to come.
The wait between sets seemed to be a long one as we all waited for the boys we came to see, but it turned out to be worth the wait as they finally graced the stage, being welcomed with a roar of cheering. Lead singer Julian Hamilton was welcomed on stage first, followed by drummer Kim Moyes. Dressed in white overalls paired with a bright orange wig, Moyes out dressed his peer but their stage presence out shun the crowd pleasing costume. ‘Talk Like That’ was the song that opened their almost two hour set and had the crowd hooked from the very beginning. It was the perfect song to start the night to say the least. The combination of bass, smoke, cheers and fist pumps filled the room for the next hour and a half, the excitement quickly spread throughout the venue, even the security looked to be having a good time.

As far as crowd interaction goes The Presets were successful in keeping the high energy going with Hamilton talking to the crowd and Moyes dancing across the stage in sync with the bass drops and continued to hype up the crowd the entire night.  The crowd pleasers managed to unite the crowd, mixed with old fans and new with their music from their debut album to their latest, Hi Viz. “Getdown Shutdown” was a fan favourite, from the newly released album, as the mosh seemed to enjoy a little too much as there were people sitting on shoulders and excited screams echoed throughout the building, almost resembling a festival mosh pit, but most certainly mirroring a festival atmosphere.

It was clear that everyone in the room wanted to be there, from a middle aged couple having a dance off with several younger crowd goers, to the highly intoxicated middle aged man trying to get into the venue at the beginning of the night, but of course being refused entry. The good vibes and excited energy lasted right until the final song, with the crowd demanding an encore and finishing the night with smiles. Good energy and laughter filled the streets of Fremantle after the gig with fans still talking about what they just saw, talking about their favourite songs the band played. One pair were disappointed that the band didn’t pay their favourite song, but were still pleased with the nights outcome.

All in all the night was a great success for the band and the crowd, leaving nobody disappointed, except maybe the guy at the start of the night being refused entry, but you cant please everyone. Here’s hoping the rest of the Australian tour is a great success and if The Presets were to bring out another album Perth would welcome them with open arms, but hopefully with a larger venue next time.

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Feels like just yesterday we found out about Ariana Grande and Mac Millers split. It was the 9thof May that we had discovered the news of the shock split between Grande and Miller from what was described as a toxic relationship. By the 18thof May news broke that  SNL star Pete Davidson was dating Ariana and fans were quick to ship the newly public couple.

Since news broke that the power couple had started dating, our social media feed has been flooded with snaps that we’ve labelled couple goals. In the last 48 hours Arianators all over the world are freaking out because news has quickly caught wind that the fresh couple are engaged?! Fans have been acting like detectives looking for any new evidence to confirm the rumours, and have quickly found that Ariana has been displaying the ring for quite some time now.

Wasn’t too long ago that Grande was dating rapper Mac Miller and now she’s set to wed fiancé Pete Davidson. Regardless of how quickly the relationship has escalated we can’t help but be happy for the pop sensation and wish her the best of luck even if the rumours aren’t true.

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Kiss VS Compton

So you’ve seen that Ice Cube and Gene Simmons are trending because of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and don’t know why. Here’s the go:Members of N.W.A (left to right) MC Ren, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and DJ Yella

N.W.A (N****z Wit Attitude) got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week – where artists like Green Day, Bob Marley, ACDC and Michael Jackson stand proud. Kiss is among the many and now Ice Cube’s gangster-rap group N.W.A. who’s other members include  MC Ren, Dr. Dre and DJ Yella.

But why is a rap group being inducted to the ROCK and Roll Hall of Fame? Let’s start with the last part of Ice Cube’s acceptance speech:

“…Now, the question is, are we rock & roll? And I say you goddamn right we [are] rock & roll. Rock & roll is not an instrument, rock & roll is not even a style of music. Rock & roll is a spirit. It’s a spirit. It’s been going since the blues, jazz, bebop, soul, R&B, rock & roll, heavy metal, punk rock and yes, hip-hop. And what connects us all is that spirit. That’s what connects us all, that spirit. Rock & roll is not conforming to the people who came before you, but creating your own path in music and in life. That is rock & roll, and that is us.

So rock & roll is not conforming. Rock & roll is outside the box. And rock & roll is N.W.A. I want to thank everybody who helped induct us into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and I just want to tell the world, “Damn, that s*** was dope.”

Gene Simmons of  Kiss had something to say about it, taking to Twitter in retaliation:Gene Twitter2






Which started a Twitter-war between the 2 artists:Ice Cube twitter






Ice Cube then Tweeted some of his above speech.

Ice Cube Twitter 2





As it stands right now, Gene Simmons has the last say in this war.

Ice Cube Gene Twitter











So it’s Full Metal Jacket VS Urban Jungle right now. Should a gangster-rap group have been inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the first place? Tell us in the comments.

See the fued over on Gene Simmons’ or Ice Cube’s Twitter
While you’re there, check out our Twitter account: @BoomRadio

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Sam & Dean Winchester’s End

You know Supernatural, that show where the 2 brothers go around defending the world, saving lives from demons, angels and everything in between?

sam and dean w
Sam and Dean Winchester

Now Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean) have sat down and shared their thoughts on how the show might end (don’t worry, there are still plenty of seasons left).

Jensen: “If you’d asked me season 1, I would’ve thought that it would’ve been the apocalypse. But then again, you can’t end the TV show with the worst thing happening.”

jared and jensen 2
Jensen Ackles (left) with Jared Padalecki (right)


That’s a bit ironic, since they kind of already survived the apocalypse. He goes on to say:

“As we’ve evolved, I think that there’s different roads that the show could certainly go down that would be interesting. I think we’ve taken some really good turns.”

Jared adds on: “It’s changed a lot over time. Part of me, loving Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, always thought it’d be great to see the boys against insurmountable odds and to freeze-frame on them and just hear stuff in the background. You don’t know if they die, you don’t know if they live, but you know that they’re going to go out in a blaze of glory.

“And then I went back and watched a few of the episodes, I watched through ‘Swan Song’ and the scene of the boys laying on the hood of the Impala. I think that’d be a nice way to go out if we had to — watching the end of the world. Or looking up at us from the trunk and throwing the weapons in and saying we’ve got work to do. All of those kind of leave room for opinion and room for interpretation. I don’t think we should see the boys die or live, we should wonder.


jared and jensen 1.jpg
The boys at the Supernatural premiere in 2006

Maybe it’s wrong, but I don’t like to think how it will end. I’m sure these guys have thought endlessly about it, being the stars of the show that’s just signed on for a 12th season.

But as Jared goes on to say: “The boys can’t stop fighting. As long as they’re alive, they’re not going to stop fighting. We’re going to have to see them continue to do good together. I think that’s what’s the most important part.

Having sat through and experience so many different endings to each season, it’s hard to know how it will all end.

As Jensen says: “It’s either going to end tragic or it’s going to end not tragic, and I can kind of make an argument for both. I don’t really know where it’s going to go. I always thought Dean would make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother. I guess if I had to choose something, that’s probably what I would choose”

Whatever happens, you can always re-live each season on Netflix but I don’t think any Supernatural fan can listen to Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son” without getting a little bit upset.



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You Won’t Be Wanting Chips With This E-Bay Order

You know how it goes; the excitement of buying something online – a new shirt for example. You wait ages for it to arrive in the mail, it finally gets delivered and… It’s the wrong size.

It sucks getting the wrong size, or the wrong order anywhere, so imagine this lady’s surprise when she got pets instead of her table and chairs.

Yep, this here video shows how surprised she was when her order of a set of table and chairs from e-Bay was delivered… In the form of 40 bags of LIVE tropical fish…

The fish were safely returned, but it sure is a good story to tell!

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The 2015 Melbourne Cup!

The Melbourne Cup has been run and won for another year, and as per usual there were a lot of surprises…

Over at Flemmington, Prince of Penzance went hard.

Not too many people would have predicted the outcome with one of the definite Roughies coming out on top as the Race once again stopped not only the Nation but the World as well.

Prince of Penzance went into the historic race as an $80 Outsider and shell-shocked his fellow horses in the great race to pick up the famous win.

Prince of Penzance was ridden by Michelle Payne and she was the only female Jockey in this year’s Race, and is also the first female jockey to ever take home the cup!

Michelle Payne, rider of Prince of Penzance

However this Year’s Race was once again talked about for all the wrong reasons with another Horse (Red Cadeux), having to receive treatment for an injury which has marred another intense day of racing.

This year’s race was also definitely one for the International’s with only one Australian horse, which is sure to be a shock to many.




Finishing Order :

  1. Prince of Penzance.
  2. Max Dynamite.
  3. Criterion
  4. Trip to Paris
  5. Big Orange
  6. Gust of Wind
  7. Excess Knowledge
  8. The Offer
  9. Quest for More
  10. Our Ivanhowe
  11. Who Shot Thebarman
  12. Sertorius
  13. Fame Game
  14. The United States
  15. Hartnell
  16. Bondi Beach
  17. Hokko Brave
  18. Almoonqith
  19. Kingfisher
  20. Preferment
  21. Grand Marshal
  22. Sky Hunter
  23. Snow Sky
    Did not finish: Red Cadeaux