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The Presets Live At Metropolis Fremantle

There’s nothing like spending your hump day listening to live music, and that’s exactly what a small portion of Perth got to do last night. Iconic Australian electric music duo, The Presets came to Metropolis Fremantle last night to promote their latest album “Hi Viz”. Arriving at the venue there was a mix of faces, young and old, but all with looks of eager anticipation to see the Aussie legends. The night started with opening acts Kult Kyss and Roland Tings, playing similar music to one another, but both seemed to get the crowd excited for the exciting night that was yet to come.
The wait between sets seemed to be a long one as we all waited for the boys we came to see, but it turned out to be worth the wait as they finally graced the stage, being welcomed with a roar of cheering. Lead singer Julian Hamilton was welcomed on stage first, followed by drummer Kim Moyes. Dressed in white overalls paired with a bright orange wig, Moyes out dressed his peer but their stage presence out shun the crowd pleasing costume. ‘Talk Like That’ was the song that opened their almost two hour set and had the crowd hooked from the very beginning. It was the perfect song to start the night to say the least. The combination of bass, smoke, cheers and fist pumps filled the room for the next hour and a half, the excitement quickly spread throughout the venue, even the security looked to be having a good time.

As far as crowd interaction goes The Presets were successful in keeping the high energy going with Hamilton talking to the crowd and Moyes dancing across the stage in sync with the bass drops and continued to hype up the crowd the entire night.  The crowd pleasers managed to unite the crowd, mixed with old fans and new with their music from their debut album to their latest, Hi Viz. “Getdown Shutdown” was a fan favourite, from the newly released album, as the mosh seemed to enjoy a little too much as there were people sitting on shoulders and excited screams echoed throughout the building, almost resembling a festival mosh pit, but most certainly mirroring a festival atmosphere.

It was clear that everyone in the room wanted to be there, from a middle aged couple having a dance off with several younger crowd goers, to the highly intoxicated middle aged man trying to get into the venue at the beginning of the night, but of course being refused entry. The good vibes and excited energy lasted right until the final song, with the crowd demanding an encore and finishing the night with smiles. Good energy and laughter filled the streets of Fremantle after the gig with fans still talking about what they just saw, talking about their favourite songs the band played. One pair were disappointed that the band didn’t pay their favourite song, but were still pleased with the nights outcome.

All in all the night was a great success for the band and the crowd, leaving nobody disappointed, except maybe the guy at the start of the night being refused entry, but you cant please everyone. Here’s hoping the rest of the Australian tour is a great success and if The Presets were to bring out another album Perth would welcome them with open arms, but hopefully with a larger venue next time.

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Karate + Coffee = Boom Radio

fbbanner Yard Sessions.jpg

This morning, Post Modern Karate rocked our airwaves with their pop punk sound. Alex and Shannon caught up with them between their set to get some behind the scenes goss — but mostly laughs — with this weeks local talent.

It started with the must have: tell us a little bit about yourself. They covered the basics by letting us and our listeners know they’re a simple, and clearly humble, pop punk band from Perth, originating right here at the Central Institute of Technology.

Typically, they play with electric guitars and a full drum kit, so Alex asked how they were finding the transition to acoustic for their Yard Sessions set. “Very annoying,” was the immediate answer from their drummer, Liam. Izzy, the lead singer, evened it out by saying that they practiced, so “it’s okay.” As for the guitarists, they simply didn’t care — love it.

“How are you enjoying the set today?” Alex followed up with, but all that came were complaints of the cold, and we honestly cannot blame them. Despite being a sunny day, the chill was in the air on Oxford Street, but it didn’t get to the band who still delivered a killer performance every song.

We then got some more background info for those who aren’t familiar with the student band. Post Modern Karate have been together since the beginning of last year, meaning there’s a strong friendship between them, and Alex’s next question tested that… Who’s the smelliest? An unanimous vote for Liam came straight away.

It was back to a serious focus when they were asked what the future holds in their sights. “Hopefully still playing the music we love,” Liam started, before going on a rather heart-touching tangent about how they still want to be together, playing the venues they love and the songs they do, and Izzy piped in with “it’s all about the music.”

But about those venues… what’s their dream one? Wembley Stadium. With their inspirations being all over the place – Jet, Paramore, Green Day, Breaking Benjamin, says Liam – we can totally see them rocking out there.

Some important questions Boom always asks gave some interesting answers. Who’s the dream musician they want to have a dinner with? Izzy says Kanye West. (First of all, what.) And what about pineapple on pizza… it’s a yes from Post Modern Karate.

You can check ’em out on Facebook for all the latest gigs and details; if you didn’t hear them this morning, you’ll definitely want to watch out for when their next live performance is.