Jordyn, Jordy, or even Jordo is a stubborn Tauras, and that`s all you need to know. As if one Jordyn wasn`t enough, she`s a twin, although non-identical she is the older one and she never lets her twin sister forget it. She`s just turned 20 and didn`t fail to let everyone know about her midlife crisis. listening to a whopping 32,235 minutes of music last year, or rather 32,235 minutes of Dua Lipa.

In order to be different Jordyn goes out of her way to find unknown or non-mainstream artists (with the exception of Dua Lipa and Kendrick Lamar), but bought a Kylie Jenner lip kit two years ago to stay trendy and mainstream and still uses it because it cost $50. Talents include shopping on a budget and losing at beer pong.

She really likes the idea of taking care of the environment but not her liver. Jordyn`s recommended movies on Netflix consist of Shrek, Brooklyn 99 and any Seth Rogan movie.

This jokester loves a debate and will argue that tomato sauce belongs in the fridge. Our social media loving, animal activist never fails to wear a different jacket every day, even in the summer heat she always seems to be cold but will turn up the heat in the studio slam dunking hot tracks.

Listen to her –

Booms Backyard – 7-10 pm

Booms Big brekky – Wed & Thurs – 7-10 am

Fri – 1-4 pm

Sun – 10pm – 12am