Cameron Scull was born once. Since then he’s gone on to be some absurd combination of cat dad/ music obsessive/ pop culture geek/ dry-witted writer. He’s currently in his lateCam 20s, he has a fantastic range of band t-shirts, and he’s currently bashing out this bio on a super bumpy 296 bus while blasting Primus on his noise-cancelling headphones. Just your average day in the life of Boom’s resident indie rock weirdo really.

Cameron Scull grew up memorising his dad’s entire record collection, and spending Sunday mornings watching VHS cassettes of Rage from the night before. Combine this with classic Nickelodeon cartoons and Nintendo 64 games and that’s perhaps the best reason why he is who he is today. One of the station’s many colourful characters, even if he does prefer wearing black.

Cameron Scull enjoys listening to music, discovering new music, reading about music, talking about music, breathing music, and eating music as part of a nutritious daily breakfast. In the spare moments when he’s not obsessing over music he likes spending time with his family (the furry and four legged, and the not so furry and four legged), seeing artsy indie movies, fanboying over his favourite sitcoms (he’d like to think he’s Ron Swanson… he’s probably really Ben Wyatt), eating way way way too many snacks, and getting the rare bit of sleep when he can find it.


You can hear Cam on BOOM Radio…

BOOM Bunker w/ Cam
Thursday from 10PM

Retro Show w/ Cam
Sunday from 1PM