So, who’s Matty?

Matty is quiet, but loud when it comes to sport. He’s a die-hard Collingwood supporter who remarkably still has all his teeth. You’ll find Matty on the weekend playing as much footy and cricket as possible, trying to be a contender but more of a pretender. Matty’s 21 but never been to Las Vegas.

He knows Beckenham like the back of his hand, as it’s where he’s lived for 21 years. In his spare time he likes hanging out with mates, and listening to his future wife, Taylor Swift. Matty doesn’t drink alcohol but instead enjoys a nice, long, cold diet coke on the rocks. He’s also a Gold Star Ballroom Dancer, but if he’s not doing the ChaCha on the Dance floor he’ll be doing Fox Trot and Rumba all over the Radio Panel.

When Matty’s not hitting 4’s and 6’s on the cricket field, he;s sledging the dirty opposition batsman. Matty’s been painstakingly waiting for Taylor Swift to fall in love with him, he eases the pain by watching Shane Warne masterclass videos, before cheating in cricket was cool. So if you haven’t tuned in yet you’ll be sure to do it now.

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