So, who’s Beats?

Beats is an fun, energetic, music loving guy who likes long walks on the beach and deep Beatstalks around a bonfire.

Jks for real tho, you will always find Beats pumping some bangers from Kanye and Kendrick everywhere he goes, dancing nonstop at the same time. Beats is a chill guy, he never worries about anything, especially work, until the day its due (Tbh even submitted this bio late lol).

Beats is the kinda guy that if he had to choose between his shoes and his girlfriend, he would probably choose his shoes without hesitation. I mean if you love something let it go right?

You can hear Beats on BOOM Radio…

The Drive Home w/ Beats & Sianos
Wednesday from 7AM

The Hype w/ Sianos & Beats
Tuesday from 7PM