Ryan Reynolds shares tribute of stunt woman’s death on Deadpool set

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Shooting of the new Deadpool film ends in tragic death of stunts woman. The crew were filming in British Columbia when the stunts woman reportedly lost control of her motorcycle and crashed into the glass of a nearby building. Ryan Reynolds shared a tribute to the loss of the crew member’s life.

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A Message From The King | #MovieReview

Isn’t it the best feeling ever to get that notification from Netflix that there is a new movie/show to watch!? It is for me, and this time it was A message from the King. Chadwick Boseman (Most famously know for playing Black Panther  in Captain America: Civil War) beat the living life out of a man with a bike chain, and that was just the start.

*Click the photo to see the trailer*amftk.jpg

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12 Monkeys | TV Show Review

Bringing you a brand new review for a slightly dated show on Netlix, 12 Monkeys is the most recent one for me to react to as if  I’m some sort of expert. The show took me a total of a week to comfortably watch and let me tell you something, it was tough to come to an end… By the end of the second season you are so invested in Cole’s (Main Character – James Cole) life and health, you actually feel the damage every time he time travels.

12 monkeys

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Selena Gomez and her newest music video | ‘FETISH’

This year has been the year for music that spikes a second thought on what it actually means. Next to top the charts is Selena Gomez with her newest music video, which leaves you with a few questions… “What did I just watch”, “Why did I watch this” and/or “What does this ‘Fetish’ have to do with anything”. Watch Christian & Sav’s reaction here.

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Live music at The Good Shepherd

It’s without a doubt a great time for the lovers of live music. The Good Shepherd in Leederville brought it again, were broadcasting live and this is why you don’t want to miss out… but first, click on ‘LISTEN LIVE’



Dusty Boots, Platyp3i, Mad Autizmo and Holographic Moon Society!  Only $5 on entry and live till 11pm! Unfortunately it’s an 18+ event, so send your older siblings to film it for you!

We we hope to see you there!


Super Cheap Auto // Big Break VOTING!

It’s that time again! The annual Big Break Competition where film makers creatively make a commercial for Super Cheap Auto! But whats the best part? These filmmakers generate concepts and create the commercials… and if they win they get money, whoo hoo. BUT WE CAN ALSO WIN!

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.32.22 am


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