‘Grinners’ set to kick off Chemical Hearts tour

Grinspoon-second.jpgIt’s been 17 years since Aussie Rock legends Grinspoon released their third studio album ‘New Detention’. Consisting of tracks such as ‘Killswitch’, ‘No reason’ and of course the iconic title-track of the tour, ‘Chemical Heart’,

Ahead of the tour, Blayne and Evie caught up with guitarist Pat Davern on Boom’s Thursday Breakfast.

“We’ve had the opportunity with this tour to look at our entire catalogue, last time we were in Perth we we’re on the ‘Guide to Better Living’ tour as it was the 20th anniversary of that record, this time we get to look at our whole career as a bit of a retrospective,” Davern said.

After initially meeting in a local Lismore pub in 1995, Grinspoon were unearthed with their track ‘Sickfest’ off their debut EP labelled the ‘Green Album’ followed by their second EP and their first full-length studio album ‘Guide to Better Living’.

Davern describes the period as some of the strangest and exciting times of his life.

“They were pretty heavy days, coming out of Lismore in 1995 and we’d been unearthed by a radio station obviously, we spent a lot of time on the road our second EP got picked up by universal records,”

“Getting into the studio to record our first full-length record was something we weren’t sure would ever happen, It was strange that we were doing it, but exciting because it was all unchartered territory,” he said.

Grinspoon became stalwarts of Australian festival line-ups such as The big day out, Homebake and Splendour in the grass, Davern looked back fondly on his festival days and was optimistic about the current music and festival scene.

“(Festivals) are such a great way for people to see live music, the best thing about festivals is you get to put all your going out for the year into one day”

“It was obviously a shame with the demise of the Big Day Out, hopefully something else will spring up to take its place, there was something really special about it.”

Grinspoon’s Chemical Hearts Tour 2019 kicks off tomorrow night at Metropolis Fremantle, before hitting up Metro City on Saturday and heading back east for shows in Victoria, ACT, NSW, SA and wrapping it up in Brisbane on November 9.

For more info check out http://www.grinspoon.com.au

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