LEGO making new F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Sure, Christmas is still four months away, but if you have a particular appreciation for 90s sitcoms, we know exactly what will top your list this year… The iconic Central Perk set from Friends is now more legendary than ever with its very own Lego set! Could we be any more excited?


That’s right, you can build the very café featured in all those classic episodes – from Phoebe’s performance area to that unforgettable orange couch and Gunther’s counter. The set features tonnes of famous prop replicas including Joey’s manbag and Ross’s keyboard. You’ll even find a few obscure in-jokes for the megafans (is that an Ichiban poster on the café wall?).


If you haven’t already raced to the Lego website, there’s more… the set would feel pretty empty without Lego versions of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Gunther, and Princess Conseula Banana Hammock (or, y’know, Phoebe if you want to be boring). All it’s missing is Jack Geller, Janet and Marcel. Maybe next time!


The set features 1070 pieces, and it’s available from September 1 for $89.99. That’s quite a steal after last year’s $650 Hogwarts castle! Even better, just add it to your list for Santa… or maybe, in this case, the Holiday Armadillo.

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