There’s some very exciting movies coming our way…

Until then, we’ve been absolutely inundated with promising trailers!

Here’s our top five from the last month:

05. Toy Story 4

Let’s begin with a controversial one. Woody, Buzz and the gang are back for a brand new adventure. Some people are very excited about this. Other people feel that Toy Story was a perfect trilogy and that there’s no need for a new one. Time will tell who will be proved right. In the trailer we meet new character Forky, the long-awaited return of a beloved character, and some ventriloquist dummies straight out of Goosebumps. Tom Hanks claims he was in tears recording the final lines for the movie… which means we’re all going to be emotional wrecks again, right? Released: June 20.


  1. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Warning: Explicit Language)


Quentin Tarantino is releasing his 9th film and it looks huge. Just take a look at the cast: Leonardo DiCaprio! Brad Pitt! Margot Robbie! Al Pacino! Dakota Fanning! On a more sombre note, it also features Luke Perry’s final appearance. The film is based in late 60s LA and looks like Tarantino’s answer to the legendary Boogie Nights. Capturing the highs and lows of the era (there’s a glimpse of Charles Manson) and knowing the director, this one will get people talking. Released: August 15.


  1. Joker



From ‘Walk The Line’ to ‘Her’, Joaquin Phoenix is easily one of our most talented modern actors. Now it’s time to take on a role few would envy. Batman’s greatest foe has been performed by many from the good (Jack Nicholson) to the… somewhat less good (Jared Leto) but there’s only one actor the role conjures in so many minds. Our own Heath Ledger consumed the character to such an extent that it will likely never be rivalled. However, this new trailer proves that Phoenix could put his own brilliant spin on the character. Taking a much more realistic and unsettling route, Joker could be a true highlight in an otherwise tumultuous decade for DC. Released: TBA in Australia


  1. Stranger Things: Season 03



‘We’re not kids anymore’. It’s been two long years since the last season of Stranger Things and the kids are growing up fast. Now set in 1985, and looking very much the part, it seems again that something is not quite right in Hawkins, Indiana. Surely, you’d leave by now if you were living somewhere that crazy? Luckily for us, the gang haven’t moved and the trailer already promises many more adventures and frights to follow. We admit this isn’t actually a movie, but let’s be real, everyone’s going to binge it in one weekend (or less) and want more immediately. That counts as a movie! Released: July 04

01.. Avengers: Endgame

So this quaint, garage-budget obscure indie flick is set…. Alright alright, you don’t need analysis on this one. It’s huge. It’s exciting. It’s coming very soon. Tickets are finally on sale. Find your Marvel buddy and go go go! Released: April 24

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