The Top 5 Places You MUST Visit This Summer In Perth

If you’re struggling to find things to do this summer and you’re used to staying at home with the AC cranked and Netflix on, then worry no more because I’ve compiled a list of (affordable) things for you to do this summer!

Cottesloe Beach


Arguably one of Perth’s most iconic beaches, the photos never do it justice. Which is why you need to grab your mates and head on down! It’s only a 15 minute drive from Perth city so I guess you could say it’s pretty central. Whether you’re looking to grab a morning coffee, lunch with some friends, a nice dinner, maybe just a day for tanning, the ‘Cot’ has it all, you can even celebrate the end of the week with a cheeky Sunday sesh! Who could resist the beautiful beach that has so much to offer!?

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Market.png

Dubbed one of Fremantle’s most iconic locations, the markets were built in 1897. The markets have something for everyone, if you’re looking for some food, there’s plenty, keen to find some second hand items or maybe catch a small gig then it’s the place for you! It’s a bit of a drive if you’re from north of the river, but who doesn’t love a little road trip?

Swan Valley

Swan Valley.png

Only 2 minutes from Perth, the swan valley stretches across 32 kilometres with over 150 wineries, and many scenic destinations to take the family or maybe a friend’s day out? With lots to see and do I’s definitely take a whole day to explore the amazing swan valley region, and maybe even treating yourself to some chocolate at the swan river chocolate factory. With something to do for everyone you’re guaranteed a good day.

Kings Park

Kings Park.png

One of Perth’s most iconic landmarks, a visit suitable for any time of day (or occasion!). With plenty of pre-organized event trough out year, there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy, or maybe just a stroll through the gardens and a picnic overlooking the amazing view of Perth city. Its definitely a good photo opportunity for the gram a must do over the summer.

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