What Has The Warm Up Predicted for Western Derby 48??

This weekend we are seeing the 48th Western Derby and over the year we have seen 2 teams with very different form guides going at it once again to see who will prevail in the West.

First of all we have the Fremantle Dockers who are coming off a 10 goal belting at the hands of the Hawks at home. Then we have the Eagles, a very impressive side who are still top 2 and hunting the double chance home final. And with a massive month to end the season with the Western Derby plus games against fellow top 4 fancies Port and Melbourne as well as a game to end the regular season in Brisbane against the Lions, these 4 points could be even more important.

This week at The Warm Up, we sorted out our tips and who we think will take the Ross Glendenning / Ben Allan Medal.

Bryzer: West Coast Eagles by: 68 Points.

Ross Glendenning / Ben Allan Medallist: Brad Sheppard in game 150.

Matt: West Coast Eagles by: 16

Ross Glendinning / Ben Allen medallist: Mark Lecras

Kelsey: West Coast Eagles by 43 Points.

Ross Glendenning / Ben Allen Medallist: Shannon Hurn

Sam: West Coast Eagles by: 5 goals.

Ross Glendenning / Ben Allen medallist: Shannon Hurn

This weekend will be a massive game for both teams but as we have it, we all have gone for the Eagles as well as tipped them as well but Bryzer has made one more prediction.

He believes that if Freo get thrashed in this weekend’s game and then lose at home to Carlton next weekend as well then that could be the end of the Ross Lyon era at Freo.

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