To all of our Love Island fans, we have terrible news!!!

Well, terrible news that could also be taken as wonderful. It seems that Tayla Damir, one of the winners of the controversial show, has parted ways with her partner and fellow winner, Grant Crapp. The pair won the competition and Damir made the decision to split the fifty-thousand dollar prize with her partner, leaving both of them with twenty-five thousand dollars to take home.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 3.29.57 PM

However only weeks after the show ended, fans are now left heartbroken after discovering that Grant Crapp indeed had a relationship with a woman on the outside. Rumours leaked during the show that Crapp had a girlfriend that he was living with, but he was quick to shut these comments down.

Damir said earlier this week that the pair were sticking together and would try their best to work through it but confirmed the split via an Instagram post earlier today. The post stated “Grant and I are no longer together but will remain amicable despite the circumstances. I hope everyone can understand that the last few days have been very emotional and overwhelming for me and that you can all respect my decision.”


The West Australian winner may have lost Grant’s heart but has gained all of Australia’s. #Winning!

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