Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!!!

It’s time to appreciate the smaller things in life — guinea pigs.
Today is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day and while they can’t beat dogs, cats, birds, and fish in numbers for the title of our most popular pets they have a huge fan base.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.50.28 AM
There are an estimated 537,000 guinea pigs in Australia and according to Dr. Adam Sternberg from Greencross Vets, the main reasons for getting a guinea pig were companionship, teaching children responsibility and to help people relax.
It was also a bonus that they were helped that low maintenance.“Small mammals, in particular, guinea pigs, can make fantastic pets and are great for Australians who are living in an apartment or smaller space,” Dr. Sternberg said.
“They also make a beautiful small pet for children and teach them how to be responsible and care for an animal.”

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