Dog’s really becoming a man’s best friend!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.24.26 PM

He might have had the duties of a Best Man but he wasn’t really a good boy. Basil had one job — to walk down the aisle and deliver the rings but instead he went walkies through the crowd. Still, it’s hard to remember what to do at a wedding when you’re nine years old — and a dachshund.

It’s all part of a modern wedding trend that now has its own Instagram hashtag #dogwedding, where canine companions perform the duties of best men, flower girls and ring bearers.

Belle and Matt Hurley were happy to let Basil steal their big moment. “Basil was Matt’s 21st birthday present so it would have been weird for him not to be there, but he didn’t behave, it was very funny,” Mrs Hurley told The Sunday Telegraph.

“When the celebrant announced him as our ring bearer he had to say hello to everyone first.” Wedding celebrant Heidi Robertson from Byron Bay said it was a fun trend.

“I recently did one at a beach where the pug, Wiggy was the ring bearer. I know as a dog owner myself that dogs are just part of the family, the dog is the furry child and people want them to be involved,” she said.


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