Brothers Found after 21 hours lost at sea

Two young brothers have been found after spending 21 hours lost at sea off the Ningaloo coast.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 8.19.10 PM

The brothers, aged 12 and 18, left South Lefroy Bay for a fishing trip at 4pm yesterday on a three-metre inflatable zodiac.

They allegedly intended on travelling inside the reef towards Norwegian Bay but did not return by 6pm, when they were due back.

An alarm was then raised at 7pm after the brothers still hadn’t returned.

However, a search helicopter found the pair at 12:45pm today 30km off shore from where they had gone fishing. Six volunteer marine rescue and government boats plus twelve recreational vessels were also involved in the massive search. Police claim

According to police, the brothers ran out of fuel as their six-horsepower motor only contained three litres.

After being located, the two brothers were flown to Exmouth for assessment. Luckily they were only found to be dehydrated and in otherwise fine health. They have been reunited with their family.


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