:: MOVIE REVIEW :: Arrow!

Arrow! Whens the last episode you saw? back when the show was popping in season 3? same! Did you know there are 3 more seasons now? This is the kind of show that just releases new episodes, and unless you are following the cast or company, you never know what is next! So what do I do? I open the show and realise that I’m back in season 4, like my mother has just left me behind… FML.


I’m currently on season 4, about to go onto the 5th one, and how excited am I! Recently finding out that the cinema lights at the end of the movie is actually a bloody ruse for more hidden scenes, I had to re-evaluate. Death Stroke is somehow part of the justice league, he is also part of the 5th season in arrow, hence me catching up on the old girl.

What are you’re thoughts on arrow possibly linking up with the justice league? let me know online @boomradioau!


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