Catzilla | New Album

There’s a certain school of thought in music that you never need more than three minutes to kick ass. The Beatles knew this. So did the Ramones and the Cramps also.
Now Catzilla does too.
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 10.57.26 am

Catzilla (the band) has been rocking the Perth scene for eighteen months, already self-releasing an EP (‘Going Wild’) and now Catzilla (the album) is their first full album. It’s a goddamn ripper. Opening track and lead single ‘Boy From Another Time’ sets the tone perfectly. It’s exactly 125 seconds of garage rock ear candy. Infectious buzzing guitar riffs, groovy 60’s spy movie keyboards and a chorus so catchy it should probably require a health warning.

Thirteen short, sharp, should be hits follow all about vintage horror flicks (King Kong), special agents (Secret Agent… you’d think Dale Cooper would approve), and so.. much… dancing!! (Keep On Dancin’, Stompin’ In The Jungle)
Whether you play it at the beach or play it at your next pool party, there’s no doubt that you’ll be playing Catzilla all Summer long.

Another rock n roll school of thought… Always leave them wanting more. This might be Catzilla’s first album but they’ll leave you craving a second helping asap.

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