Gaslight Midweek Treat

When you step down the steps into Gaslight, you feel like you stepped in to a literal underground scene, the lights are low, with only the stage illuminated red and blue.

Alex- Gasoline.jpg

This intimate “Midweek Treat at the Gaslight Club” was an opportunity to feel like you’ve been invited to a private jam session with a variety of incredible artists all performing to a crowd applauding the occasion.

I had the opportunity to treat myself to live performances by Gasoline, Tim Underwood and Paige McNaught – all presenting different styles of music.

Paige Mcnaught is a singer & song writer with a voice that is reminiscent of Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries; as if she came from the countryside in Louisiana, a very raw emotional voice, powerful with a hint of anger.

Tim - Gasoline.jpg

The band Gasoline, with members Tim, Alex and Brett, are eclectic. When they play on stage you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the cinematic world of “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”, combined with indie, grunge, punk, rock, delivering a garage band vibe that is quality, original and authentic. When they played their set, it felt like I was in the reality where Scott Pilgrim and his band “Sex Bob-Omb” existed.

Sadly, I was not able to attend the event by Tim Underwood but I managed to get a copy of his cd and it was evident I certainly missed out.

This event, which is open to the public, allows you to meet the artist and have a chat with them after they have performed. It was a surreal experience to have this opportunity to talk to the artists about their craft over a few drinks in such a unique setting.

If you ever want an opportunity to meet musicians in a relaxed environment and enjoy really good music with a drink in hand, The Gaslight is the place to be, you will no doubt have a wonderful time.

The Gaslight Club is on 179 High Street, Fremantle and truly is a Wednesday night treat.


Written by Danial
North Metro TAFE (Diploma of Mass Communications)
Martijo Media

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