A Message From The King | #MovieReview

Isn’t it the best feeling ever to get that notification from Netflix that there is a new movie/show to watch!? It is for me, and this time it was A message from the King. Chadwick Boseman (Most famously know for playing Black Panther  in Captain America: Civil War) beat the living life out of a man with a bike chain, and that was just the start.

*Click the photo to see the trailer*amftk.jpg

The movie starts with Jacob King flying to LA trying to find his sister after she left him a terrifying voice message. He couldn’t find her and eventually turned to the people she spoke to most looking to find out what actually happened and where she is/was last. I’m trying not to give everything away because you NEED to see this movie.

To put a long story very short, he finds the people that tortured her and got revenge by killing them and destroying their (totally legal) businesses. He flies back to South Africa and is greeted with like 7 police officers and gov officials. I felt like he’ll be in cuffs a couple of seconds later… to my, and pretty much everyone’s surprise… the officers solute him and ask this, “How was your holiday Captain”. LIKE WHAT THE HECK!?

Rating: 8.5/10

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