**Potential Spoiler Alert** as Liz from The Bachelor gives BOOM Radio some exclusive info

The Bachelor’s Liz was booted out of the show last night but she has given BOOM Radio an exclusive spoiler from the continuation of last night’s The Bachelor episode! Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 3.29.07 pm

Liz, 31 from New South Wales was eliminated after a 2 on 1 date with Matty J, as Liz and Jen were known as the two women that are the most vulnerable on the show. Last night’s Bachelor episode caused controversy as one whole week of hype left it as to be continued….  Bryzer, Will and Kiki G chatted to Liz and her quote was “I am coming back from the dead in tonight’s episode” Could that be the answer of the to be continue…. controversy??

Listen in to BOOM’s Big Breakfast with Bryzer, Will and Kiki G chat to the elimated contestant from The Bachelor every Thursday and Friday from 7AM only on BOOM Radio, Not Just Noise.

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