12 Monkeys | TV Show Review

Bringing you a brand new review for a slightly dated show on Netlix, 12 Monkeys is the most recent one for me to react to as if  I’m some sort of expert. The show took me a total of a week to comfortably watch and let me tell you something, it was tough to come to an end… By the end of the second season you are so invested in Cole’s (Main Character – James Cole) life and health, you actually feel the damage every time he time travels.

12 monkeys

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was one of those ‘Didn’t even read the show description before watching it and getting hooked’. It is a time travel based show which brings up a few questions… How legit is the process? what can happen if it fails? Should I believe that it is possible one day? The good thing about the former end of the show is that all those questions are answered. It’s graphic and violent but it looks really legit and has no other questions from me.

There are quite a few time travel shows that you can get into on Netflix… “Continuum” & “Travelers” just to name a few. This one kills them if they were to have a battle… I’m gonna rate the show on how I personally felt it went, but you’ll have to see it for yourself as well!

Rating: 9/10

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