**NEW MUSIC ALERT** Tashi Hall

Tashi Hall is a new and upcoming artist who is making her rounds, performing at gigs all over Perth. But the reason you need to listen to her is…

Experimenting edit 2-2390 Experimenting edit 2-2399.jpg

Her performance at the Gaslight Club on 3 May was beautiful, soulful and alluring. You can hear the raw emotion as she sings, gripping the attention and interest of the audience with her unique voice and musical style with songs like The Monster, The Rabbit Hole and Shine a Light which is on her album titled Gratitude.

Her songs on the night created an indie vibe with their unique rhythm and style that to this uninitiated reviewer sounded like a blend between MØ (Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted) and Florence and The Machine (Florence Welch).

If you have not heard her yet you are missing out.
Check her out on Facebook




Written by Danial Kassim

North Metro TAFE – Diploma of Mass Communication
Martijo Media – Co-ordinator

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