AFL Evolution – Game Review

It has been almost a month since I finally was able to get my hands on this game and despite people saying it would be just like any other AFL Video Game, this one has certainly failed to disappoint.


afl evo game

AFL Evolution is its name and the game was released earlier this month, this year for the first time ever as well we have got a career mode where you are trying to be an up and coming player. You can select any player or make your own to play with and that makes it even more the fun. The only real criticism for this game would be the commentary that goes on in the game, the game has Dennis Commetti and Matthew Richardson but they will sometimes say a lot of comments that would not actually make a lot of sense.

Playing online is really good it just gets very laggy at certain times and it matches you against the same person a little too often at times when you are wanting a different challenge. All in all, I would so far rate this game a solid 8 out of 10 but it can be improved. Listen in to The Warm Up every Friday night from 7PM for weekly AFL Evolution Updates from Bryzer, Ben and Wai.

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