The Review of John Wick Chapter 2

To follow the first instalment of the John Wick series, it would have needed to be James Bond. And if you saw the first John Wick film, they are very competitive in terms of their audience and story line. Actually, if they were to compete against each other, John would take the win. heres why.

He’s got such a good motive! Everything he does is for revenge, he doesn’t miss his shots, you literally jump into his shoes when you watch this film. But something that I loved even more, is the manner that John and his friends talk to each other. It’s very secretive but respectful? Because in the first film he basically returned to the criminal “game”, and in this film he’s just back on top of the list!
You know what? I got it…I’ve been trying to summarise this film. It’s a legitimate spy movie!? And I can’t wait for whats next for Keanu Reeves (John Wick).

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