Manifest 2017

As many Perth gig goers will know, Big Tommo Presents is well established and puts on a killer show. For those who didn’t know, now you do!

Let’s start with how well this event was put together, thrown together with style in the newly renovated Rosemount Hotel, and so much merch to get your hands on, everything was thought about.


The line-up above has so many BOOM artists it’s not funny, because this is what we’re all about, and this is one of the reasons we were here.

The bands on the bill, many I had not heard of before, absolutely blew me away, MT. Cleverest had some serious talent, they reminded me of RHCP. Remind me to get them in for an interview sometime!

RAKSHA were fantastic, we interviewed this band at Hyperfest and have been following them ever since.

There was another band that blew me away that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of, but they reminded me of Pink Floyd and Buddy Guy mixed into one spectacular display of musical genius for all to see. The entire time, the atmosphere was full of energy and life, everyone was so keen to support local musicians, I have never seen so many people stay inside a venue for all the bands at once.

Big Tommo Presents did not disappoint. Manifest 2017 was a success!

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