When The Bad Girl Comes To Town

Are you a bad girl or a good girl? Or is there more to you? Do you have secrets?
Do you have things you’ll never tell anyone? Amy and Chloe do…
When Amy a troubled girl moves to the country with her adoptive family.
She befriends her next-door neighbour Chloe or so she thinks its her neighbour…



This Movie has some great and visually pleasing shots. And the way they address the average family dynamic with all the good and the bad is refreshing, and feels real.

While some of the film was confusing as to what was happening, and it does take some time to “get to the good bit” (#slowburn) and it is hard to stick with if you manage too you will not be sorry.

The movie has a well thought out and shocking twist that will make you jump in your seat and take you on an emotional roller coaster. If you do want to go see #badgirlfilm it is playing at Luna Cinemas from April 27!





Reviewed by Gill Brewster from Wai, Beats & Gill on Thursdays and Fridays 4-7pm AWST.

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