Ed Sheeran. How dare he take some time off!

It’s been a long *almost 3 years for Ed Sheeran fans, the last year being especially difficult after Ed decided to take a hiatus. How dare he take time off? Do some charity work? BE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING?


After we were over our initial Ed withdrawals it was easy to fall back in love with this regular guy next door (if regular guys next door are wildly talented, would swap shoes with you after the BRIT awards if your feet were hurting, and is probably way more sensitive and romantic than you could ever dream of being). Especially after his latest album ‘Divide’ dropped last night and it’s gotta his best music yet… Listening to his album it’s pretty easy to identify a few themes mainly, family. He sings about his grandparents falling in love and also heartbreakingly about the death of his grandmother. He references his parents a lot with lyrics like “My daddy told me, ‘Son, don’t you get involved in politics, religions or other people’s quotes'” in What do I Know.

Castle on the Hill. One of the first singles released is simply a melancholy song about his home town and the people that used to live there. This makes nice change from usual love songs, it’s a different sort of love! A family love! Of course you can expect a few classic, soppy love songs, would it be an Ed Sheehan album without them? The opening track Eraser is ed’s token rap song (I might get some hate for describing something Ed does as ‘rap’ but that boy can sing FAST *see You Need me I don’t need you from his first album, Plus) along with Galway Girl which also has some elements of rap. There’s always at least one of these on Ed’s albums and this one is by far one of the best tracks on the album. Fans were treated to the live version of this song two days earlier than the album which gave them time to learn some of the crazy lyrics. In between spitting truths there’s an incredibly catchy hook that ties it all up nicely.

Dive is the third track on the album and it’ll have you screaming ‘Don’t call me baby’ at the sky while punching the air. The heart and soul put into singing this song is definitely infectious. Perfect is a song that feels like it belongs in the soundtrack of a romance film where Ed falls in love with a princess and then they dance barefoot underneath and old tree with fairy lights twinkling in the background. Therefore it’s one of my personal favourites from the album. Remember when Thinking out loud was THE wedding song? It’s gonna have to make some room! What do I know is an upbeat song about changing the world with love and music. It’s also about hating exponential growth and the stock market. Whatever that is. There is a very strong multicultural vibe with this album and we love it! Barcelona is another upbeat one that will have you booking a ticket to Spain just so you can dance in the streets! Let’s just add bilingual to the ever growing list of Ed’s talent! He sounds just as good singing in Spanish as he does in English! We can only assume Ed wrote this next track, Bibia Be Ye Ye, during his impromptu trip to Ghana in June last year! Nancy Mulligan is quite obviously a song for the Irish! Which is not a surprise considering the Irish in his family! All we need now is a song about Australia and we’ll be happy!

Not all the songs on the album can be upbeat and dance-y that’s just not how Ed works! Although there are some sad and somber underlining themes throughout the album the next two songs in particular stand out as the tear jerkers! Save Myself will have you asking ‘who hurt you Ed?!’. There is no signature guitar just Ed’s beautifully forlorn voice and a piano. He sings about taking time to help himself before he can help others and with a nod to how strong his mother is ‘Cause I’m not like my mum, Cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song’ WE DON’T MIND ED, KEEP COMPlAINING! Even more heartbreaking, is ‘supermarket flowers’. (I suppose Ed’s never heard the phrase ‘End things on a high note’) Written about the death of his grandma who died while the record was being made. It’s written from his mothers point of view. It almost didn’t make it on the record but he was convinced by his grandfather to include it. It’s complete with utterly soul destroying lyrics like ‘Spread your wings and I know That when God took you back he said Hallelujah you’re home’ No one talk to me that song has ruined me. I’ve gotta go to bed a cry for about a week.

Let’s hope it’s not another 3 years before his next album! #Subtract ? Let us know what you think! What’s you’re favourite track from the album?

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