Birds of Tokyo BRACE Tour Review


So last night we found ourselves lined up outside Metro City with about 1000 other people. Having a good chat with them about Birds of Tokyo and everyone being shocked that I was at the concert but hadn’t really listened to their new album Brace!we walked in and the club was playing Bon Jovi classics and everyone was singing along to having a jolly old time when the stage suddenly goes black and everyone starts cheering.

From start to finish Birds of Tokyo were amazing. There was so much energy coming from them and everyone around me you could feel it. They performed songs from their new album BRACE and it was amazing to hear them take a step back in the hard rock direction and everyone loved it. They chucked in a few of their older songs and the most well-known ones like ‘Lanterns’ and ‘This Fire’ which even made someone who isn’t a hardcore fan feel welcome. After they went off stage after an encore you could feel everyone buzzing about how great it was. It certainly was a night to remember and I’m still pretty sure the Ian Kenny pointed at me at some stage.

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